day four/five - I got my first follower :D

Oh my god!!! I just noticed that I got my first follower of my blog :D Thank you, Michelle! This means a lot to me. It's always encouraging to know that somebody out there listening to what I'm rambling about. Now, I feel more responsibility to keep this blog on going :D

Today, it is absolutely boiling hot in NYC. I just walked my dog and we both got all sweaty as hell :( I was supposed to have a photo shot later this afternoon but we had to push back to next Monday due to the weather condition :'( 
I'm developing my daily routine and feeling more and more comfortable working home with my beloved dog, Atchie This is a picture of her! Isn't she adorable??????

her name is Atchie and 15 months old now :)

So, here is my daily life like;
I get up, walk the dog, get some croissant, make some coffee, check my website/facebook/twitter/lookbook/and blogspot.. (I know it's a lot!) and then, I spend a lot of time sourcing new clothes for my website. I know it sounds too obvious but I cannot really sell anything unless I really like it. That is why my store is all about ruffles, flowers patterns, pink, and dresses. But, I think this is very important. How can I sell something I don't feel any passion into it? I can't even pose well in front of the camera when I'm wearing something I'm not crazy about. That is why I spend hours and hours to find something 'right.' 
This is one of the outfit that I'm killing for! Those who have visited my store or facebook page before, probably have figured out my style. Yes, yes, I like pink and laces... so, what's wrong with that?? ;)

I love rompers/dresses so much because they are easy to style and comfortable!
(romper: misspouty, bag: yves saint laurent, shoes: harajuku lovers)

I absolutely adore its powder pink color.
We got really lucky with the light!

the lace detail and bow belt:D

So, here is my outfit post today, stay cool:D

Oh, before I forget to promote my facebook page to more people I just started this mini contest. It's new and not many people will be competing so you should give it a shot! Thanks ;p



  1. Your pictures are stunning, and I love your dress, bag, and shoes - so basically ... everything. Check my blog out if you have the chance (:


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