day three - have you been on the High Line yet?

Before I go to bed, I decided to write another post (it's already 1:30 a.m. in NY, crazy me!!) I live in West Chelsea in NYC and there is this awesome park in my neighborhood that I like to share with. It's called the High Line which is a public park on the old railway in the West side.

Brief history of the Highline-
The High Line was built in the 1930s, as part of a massive public-private infrastructure project called the West Side Improvement. It lifted freight traffic 30 feet in the air, removing dangerous trains from the streets of Manhattan's largest industrial district. No trains have run on the High Line since 1980. Friends of the High Line, a community-based non-profit group, formed in 1999 when the historic structure was under threat of demolition. Friends of the High Line works in partnership with the City of New York to preserve and maintain the structure as an elevated public park.

Even though I live in a place overlooking the park, I have not been on there as often as I wish. One reason is they don't allow dogs, and the other is the awful stairways to get to the park. Despite these, it is worth everything to visit when you get a chance. The Sunset on the High Line is truly breathtaking and you get to see all the cool architectural high rises in West Chelsea. Most of all, the park itself is incredibly beautiful!

Here are some of the shots we took on the HighLine-

I'm wearing Andy Warhol inspired printed dress which will be in my store soon;) Isn't this pretty? I think the color of the print goes really well with the flowers and plants.

The sundeck on the HighLine is a great spot to watch around the people ;D

So, what do you think? Have you all been on the High Line yet? :)


  1. what is the make of your shoes? i absolutely adore them!

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