Irresistable Fall Items - #1. Shearling Aviator Jacket

Even though I love Summer so much (the beach and all the other reasons to dress LIGHT ;p), my favorite season is definitely Autumn. Not to mention Thanksgivings and pumpkin cakes, I love the Fall fashion items so much including cozy cable cardigans, knee high boots, uggs, knit leggings et cetera et cetera et cetera!!! Oh my, how could anybody resist them? That is why I want to do some series of posts featuring my favorite Fall fashion items. I am sure you will love them too!!

Starting with Shearling Aviator  Jacket :D Shall we??

Fall 2010 trend - 1. oversized fur collar
2. Cropped length
3. Military look
 4. Old meets new - co-existence of classic and futuristic design
(From the top left row, JNBY $2000, ASOS $585, Helmut Lang $1140,
Zara $80,
Bebe $149, Topshop $650)

More shearlings-
(Above, Burberry Prosum and ADAM)

And, this is my shearling jacket :D I love its cape-like design and oversized cream collar!



  1. love the loose and cropped look of your jacket.

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