The weather was amazing last Friday so Atchie the Doggie and I strolled around Chelsea. I already mentioned how much i love love love french stripes in my earlier post. To satisfy my obsession with stripes and dots, I got a bit greedier this time. I wore:

Love Moschino stripe top 
Dot mini skirt from MissPouty.com
Dolce Vita Cowboy ankle boots  
Purple cardigan from MissPouty.com
Tom Ford sunglasses that I supposedly gave Scott as a Christmas gift last year

Here is an extra.

We walked into Jeffrey's and randomly found this extraordinarily fabulous stripe flounce hem top. Oh my my, it is designed by Junya Watanabe whose name I've never heard of before. So I googled him and I fell in love with him instantly. Gosh, if only it weren't so $$$$$$$$$$. 

Some of my favorite picks from Moschino S/S 2011. So playful!!

My obsession with dots to be continued-



  1. looovee the whites! nice blog
    you are followed!! :D

    come by

  2. Thank you for following m:) I absolutely adore your photography. So much fun looking at all the street style cuts from Stockholm!

  3. i'm defn. more of a stripes girl than dots girl. i don't know how a simple striped top can be so stylish, but that watanabe top sure looks luscious~

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