NYFW 2011

Some of the snaps of NYFW at the Lincoln Center. Thanks to Inyoung and Yunji :D

Tweed Jacket from French Connection,
Misspouty.com's Ballerina dress that I've been wearing a lot lately,
over 6 year old rabbit fur jacket 
Calvin Klein satin shoes.

Odd Molly presention-

 too much free wine here,

 and there!

 before going to the show, Atchie was begging me to take her with me.

vanity shot!


  1. Your outfit is so perfect and elegant. I saw it on lookbook.nu and it made me want to see your blog !
    And you are very beautiful too.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I love your pictures too. Where do you live? the scenery is just amazing!!

  3. Thanks ! :)

    I live in France, 15 minutes away from Paris.
    There is a castle and park just behind my house, this is where I took these pictures. And there are woods all around the town.

  4. Oh how wonderful! You are so lucky to live in such beautiful place!! I'm going to France in May and can't wait.

  5. And I'm dreaming of going to New York ! I must plan some holidays.
    Where are you going in France?

  6. New York is fun but not as beautiful as France I think ;) I'm going to Cap d'Antibes. Never been there before so ultra excied!!

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