Black riding hood

Atchie and I in last February.

You see this is the funny thing about Spring in New York. You never know what to expect. I've seen mist, rain, snow and sleet drift all in last 36 hours but guess what? The sky is now crystal clear blue!! Although the temperature is going to drop down below the 30s at night so get ready!! Luckily, I've just got this new hooded cargo jacket to keep myself warm & dry :D 

Hooded cargo jacket from, Patterson J. Kincaid's cropped striped sweater, YSL muse, Guess by Marciano boots, patched detail leggings coming soon at


  1. very charismatic :)


  2. Looking very gorgeous as usual! Love the cargo jacket <3


  3. Stunning look!!!You're amazing!

  4. I can see the Korean-style flowing out of you :) I like it!

    I can't believe the weather is like this again. I live in NYC, too, and I'm so SICK of this bi-polarness.

  5. Love the paneling on your pants!

    Style Soufflé

  6. is this the large muse? or the oversized version? looks gorgeous on you!

  7. @happy+serendipity Thx, it is large I believe.

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