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The March weather in New York is so erratic. One day it goes up to the 70s and the next day drops down to 40s.  I was ready to take all my heavy winter jackets and coats down to the basement but the weather forecast says it's going to be snowing later this week. Are you serious??!?!! When will I get to do my photo shoot outside without three layers of leggings on? When will Atchie the doggie get her decent walk in the park? Sigh- I might need to move to LA or somewhere warmer. At least, I'm lucky to have a stem of orange sunflower on my desk and floor-to-ceiling window in my office room to keep me in a cheerful mood!!

Here, I wore
Check Printed Chiffon Shirt Dress now available at MISSPOUTY store, men's TSE cashmere zip up cardigan, AIGLE boots, and LV graffiti speedy.
I don't often wear check prints but I really like this one because of its light chiffon fabric makes a good balance with the heavy print. It is very flowy and drapery! I wore it with my favorite  orange graffiti LV by American artist Stephen Sprouse :D


  1. I love the whole outfit from head to toe <3 Love the plaid shirt and the bag is awesome! :)


  2. Love the outfit, looks so laid back and relaxed.

  3. Very nice outfit :), and wonderful photos as always :) xx

  4. looking really nice!


  5. Great pics!
    The quality of your photo's is amazing,
    which camera do you use if I may ask (:
    &You're such a beautiful girl,
    love your blog, definitely gonna follow you!

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