Wild East

Topshop crochet shorts and a dozen pale pink roses
 The Kate Moss
The weekend went by so fast. I made it to a yoga class, attended Bordeaux wine tasting (after 10 different Bordeaux I totally lost my taste buds), and went to a friend's dinner party. Nothing better than spending time surrounded by good people, foods and a fireplace. And finally, I managed to go to Korean town to get some groceries (oh gosh, I didn't have kimchi for over two weeks and was going crazy!!) This week is going to be busy (I received some adorable clothing samples and can't wait to show them to you!) so let me make this one quick and get back to work :D

I'm wearing 
Topshop poncho, Minnetonka lace up moccasins, patched detail leggings Misspouty (coming soon), and YSL muse!


  1. Wow these pics are beautiful!
    So are you,
    be proud of it (:

    &Oh thanks for your lovely comment,
    ah why couldn't you? :O
    Can't believe that you haven't got more followers btw,
    your blog is amazing!

  2. love this look! the bag...oh...so lovely!!!

  3. Great look, love the top and boots! <3


  4. Thanks for your comment and being a new follower!

    You're so gorgeous, and I love your outfits. The tribal print on that poncho is so unique. I'm definitely becoming a follower as well.

    Style Soufflé

  5. You're rocking the poncho really nicely! And I love the quality of your photos. Either you're a wiz at photoshop or your photographer is extremely skilled!

    I was wondering why my dinner tasted so bland last night...oh yeah! I'm out of kimchi, too!

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