Parisian chic - part II

Last part of our spontaneous trip to Paris. 3 nights were just too short to fully enjoy this beautiful city. Even though we got to explore only a fraction of it, it is one romantic city. Until next time, adieu!!!

 misspouty's floral romper, chinese laundry shoes, miumiu purse

 frye, michael by michael kors, pour la victoire, guess by marchiano, calvin klien collection, misspouty

 yumi kim floral romper, balenciaga first classic

 french connection gown, alexis hudson clutch

 tophop flowy top and shorts, calvin klein collection heels, misspouty blazer, alexis hudson clutch

For those who ask me about my camera - I use Olympus EP-1 with the LUMIX G 20mm / F1.7 lense

Have a good weekend!!!


  1. absolutely love your romper!! soo adorable!


  2. love the french connection dress on you.

  3. These photos are wonderful! :)
    and you look so pretty! xxx

  4. You've made me really, really sad that I've had to cancel my Paris trip this summer now! :( At least living in France anyway i still get to soak up the culture!

  5. You're lovely! And you're so lucky, I
    want to go to Paris too!(:

  6. the romper is so adorable! I swear when I get some money I'll buy from your store haha the pieces are so cute! the white dress is AMAZING and so is your night time look with the black blazer! beautiful!

  7. how elegant is the dress!!!you look stunning!

  8. pretty romper,and dress you look stunning

  9. The white dress is truly beautiful on you. You look absolutely gorgeous!!

    I checked your online store and there are so many things I want! Particularly the straw hat :)))

  10. You look amazing in all the outfits! Great post, I went to Paris once and it was breathtaking! Great shots!


  11. Love the rest of the photos. Your romper is adorable! Thanks for sharing your camera information. xo

  12. You fit right in Paris u are so chic! I wanna go to Paris so bad!

  13. I've commented on that French Connection dress before and I can't resist doing so again, you look gorgeous in it! You look fab in the rest of the pics too, looks like you had a great time in Paris :)

  14. You look great! Kiss

  15. Wow I seriously looove the shoes you're wearing in the first two pictures!
    Then those Guess by Marciano heels, wowie those are great as well!
    And that maxidress!
    WOW I really love that one, looks like you just stepped out of some romantic movie! Looks great on you!
    Alright and last but not least,
    the whole last outfit, it's just gorgeous!
    Especially love the top!

    Great post (:

  16. You always post nice pictures during your outings. I hope my life can get as exciting in the future, haha. Cute romper too!

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