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After spending a rather short day in London, we had to go back to Heathrow to catch a flight to Paris. Back to Paddington station and to Heathrow all over again. Err, what a waste of time! The thing is that we decided to go to Paris at the last minute and we didn't have enough time to do our homework. Neither Easy Jet nor Eurostar didn't even come across our minds and we just bought British Airways ticket because it seemed more convenient. Later, we found out nobody really flies between London and Paris (I guess it's like going to JFK to go to Boston, which I have done before and turned out to be a total waste of time and money!). Anyway, we got in Paris around 10 pm and oh god, I totally forgot how beautiful the city was!!!!!

I was in Paris once in 2003 but it was November when I was on my first European road trip with my ultra heavyweight-backpack. I was tired of numerous train rides and was on a mission of accomplishing my French tourist 101 checklist (the Louvre, checked! the Versailles, checked! the Eiffle tower, checked) so didn't really get to enjoy the city as it is. This time we were determined to just relax and enjoy whatever it's around and did not get stressed out by what we might have missed. 
And, it turned out to be the best trip I've ever had! Here are some pictures (maybe too many) to share with you!

(See by Chloe dress, FRYE wooden sandals, MiuMiu purse)

Going down to get some breakfast with bed hair and no make-up. Good that I was not wearing my sweatshirt at least. I noticed that Parisians love to dress up even for the weekend brunch!

We were staying right by the Place Vendôme  so it was really convenient to window shop all the nice boutiques and cute stores on RUE SAINT-HONORÉ (not that I bought anything) and walk around the Louvre and the Seine river. 

(White lace dress by, Michael by Michael Kors heels, Balenciaga arena first classic)

 We found some really fun stores, Kitsune and Colette.
Kitsune is a really charming Japanese influenced boutique where you can find from quintessential Parisian chic garments like to-die-for French stripe bikinis to their own cool Parisian club mix CDs. 

Opposite from Kitsune, Colette is three-story big store which carries from 6 euro bottled water to 5000+ euro Balmain jacket. Oh, I totally lost myself on the second floor (which is similar to Jeffrey's in NYC) and felt a strong urge to steal'em all ;p   

 Lunch at Le Meurice

 Before and after the food comes.

 As much as I love New York City, I think Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the World.

That is Parisian chic!!!

My nighttime look!

(Rag&Bone blouse, $5 costume necklace, Alexis Hudson clutch, misspouty blazer, Hermes Rivale bracelet, topshop shorts, Pour la Victoir heels)

Souvenir from France - Hermes Rivale bracelet orange. Thank you, Scott :D

Dinner at the charming Royal Madeleine

Some of our friends recommended us to check out Le Bar at Plaza Athénée Paris for after dinner drinks and wow this place was extravagant!  Literally, I saw some of the hottest girls in the city. They all look so chic and pretty so I could not stop staring at them. Too bad that Scott didn't let me take pictures of them! 

Many thought these Pour la Victoire shoes were too crazy and Scott kept teasing me that I looked like just walked out of a spaceship. What's wrong with these? I think this ivory and yellow patent leather heels look just fabulous. And believe it or not, they are fairly comfortable too!! 

Oops, I just made the longest post ever! Sorry for keeping you and will be back with more tomorrow:D


  1. Aw I miss Paris so much (lived there briefly in college) ANd you look gorgeous as usual! My boyfriend teases me about some of my favorite items too, they just don't get it! There is nothing wrong with those shoes, they look great on you.

  2. Yay Paris!! Argh I want to go there so badly...I've been to Germany three times, to Switzerland, and Austria, but all because of my piano. I want to go to Europe to just EXPLORE and RELAX instead of having to work.

    I love love love both of your shoes. Tres Chic!

  3. awesome Pour la Victoire shoes!!! i love color block heels~ they're so crazy but absolutely fierrrce~ and your camera is so cool~ who makes it??
    xo Diana

  4. You're having so much fun! Gorgeous photos. What kind of camera is that? I love it! xo

  5. This is nice! Great photos. Your camera is so cute :)

  6. I'm so curious, what kind of camera do you use (pictures in the photo's)?

    Love your blog and your store!


  7. Well at least you made it to Paris anyway!And flying on at 10pm and getting to see Paris all lit up out of the plane window was probably nicer than getting off the Eurostar at Gare de Nord - not the best scenery!

  8. Gorgeous shots! <3 You are so prettyyyy! :)


  9. One day I will see Paris.

    You look great in all of your photos. Your photos are awesome!


  10. Love these images and all of your outfits, especially the first one! Gotta get myself to either London or Paris at the end of the year!

  11. beautiful pictures!!!love your outfits, the heels are amazing!!

  12. you look great!! Kiss
    Un besito y buen finde!!

  13. Love every outfit in this post again,
    and wow did you seriously walked all day long on those heels?
    I would never survive that haha!

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