I had never been a hat person before I saw a fabulous wide brim raffia hat by Helen Kaminski about four years ago. Ever since, I've developed my obsession with hats and I have to try every hat that I pass by because it is really difficult to find one that looks good on me. It may sound funny to you but one of the things I am not happy with myself is the shape of my head. The back of my head is totally flat (seriously, nothing there.)  I'm positive that my mom never really changed my sleeping position when I was a newborn baby. So I have totally flat back head with Jet Lee's forehead from Once Upon a Time in China. How ridiculous is that? Ugh!!

Anyway, as I was looking to buy a cute straw hat for my store, I stumbled upon this baby and I think I've found the one!! I love everything about this hat, its shape, color, texture, and the cutest dotted corsages!!! Isn't this really something?? It makes me want to go on a picnic. If the weather's mild enough, I might go to the Central Park this weekend with Atchie. Would you like to join us? :)

Tshirt, hat and skirt all from MissPouty.com, wedge sandal from Jeffrey Campbell, LV graffiti



  1. Ha ha welllllll I guess the flat head is just an Asian thing. But that's why we're cool

  2. <3 totally in love !


  3. I have a superflat back of my head too and I have a hard time finding hats that fit! I just have a teeny tiny head :(
    you look BEAUTIFUL btw, I would love to wear this outfit RIGHT now! :D gorgeous pictures too.

  4. i love hats...i have about four in the car right now, always ready for those bad hair days! this one looks great on you! pretty skirt.


  5. ughh what a pretty skirt,wedges all on these post.you look great :) love love!

  6. I'm looking for a hat just like that, sort of boater-style, made of straw. I love it on you. It's perfect :)

    My mom always badgers me on how she constantly changed my sleeping position to make my head shape round. Poor mothers.

  7. The hat is gorgeous! I am trying to wear more hats to work, but everyone thought it was hilarious last time I wore one:)

  8. i am so happy i found your blog! love love your style xx

  9. now following :)

  10. I want a hat just like that :D
    Super pretty outfit!
    and I love the bag :)


  11. Very beautiful! You always have such a chic and elegant style. Wish I could pull it off. I'm not that great at putting outfits together haha. And I don't think you should worry too much about your head. You still have a pretty head. =) My problem is I have such a small head!

  12. I'm always amazed at how beautiful your photos are. That skirt is amazing. I'm going to try and find something similar to it this weekend.

    Style Soufflé

  13. I Love your style! all your outfits are great!

    I found your blog via Chictopia and I love it, so following by Bloglovin and google friend connet!


  14. You look beautiful. Your outfit is amazing feels so dreamy <3

  15. Love your outfit! :) followed you on blogger ang bloglovin! :)

  16. so cute outfit

  17. At least the flat back of your head is easily concealable! The hat looks great on you :) I'm not much of a hat person either, but maybe one day I might find one that suits me.

  18. So pretty! Love that skirt!!


  19. you look so cute in that hat :) I'm a hat hoarder and I wish people were more accepting of fun crazy hats. Found you via lookbook and I love your style!


  20. Adore your style,really inspired me!! follow you!!

  21. HEY! Just found your blog and I absolutely love it. You make me miss NYC soooooo much ):

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