Summer of love

Zara dress, Stephen Sprouse's LV, platform wedge heels and a hat from

Sorry for the repetitive outfit post. All I did was taking off my graffiti t-shirt and put the hat on ;p Doesn't it make a big difference though? The day was unusually warm and I was able to make it look more summery. Many of you asked me about my pink wedge shoes and I'm so happy to let you know that they are now available in my store I don't carry shoes as much because it is really hard to find the ones that look fabulous, comfortable and affordable at the same time. These are one of a few that I've found extremely comfortable (I wore them on a plane ride to Miami) and look cute (love its natural shade's of color and strap detail) without emptying your wallet. Hope you all like them as much as I do!

I know I've been talking enough about the weather in New York but it is so miserable here now (whoever controls the weather must have been confused it with London) and I just can't wait to take off to Paris (70+ now). Thinking of having delicious pastries in the morning, afternoon tea break in a cute cafe, and a lively bistro bar scene makes me happy. Also, I'm taking some of my new wardrobe additions. I've got a beautiful black tulle gown by Vera Wang Lavender lable, a pair of electric yellow and ivory patent heels from Pour La Victoire and two garments by Yumi Kim that I will be giving away soon! So excited! In the meantime, I gotta go back to work and oops, my vanilla cupcakes are ready to serve now, hehe :D



  1. Wow, your hat is beautiful - I really love the flowers on it!

  2. I can't believe it that's warm in Paris...and I probably said this in your other post, but I'm in love with your hat big time <3 I'm a hat freak!

  3. amazing wedges!! do you ship to the UK? I have been looking for a pair just like this for ages!

    what a perfect summer look of pretty cotton whites :) xx

  4. This is beautiful!

  5. beautiful pictures! love the wedge!!!

  6. you are so cute! love this look it makes me happy xx

  7. I am fanatical about your shoes.

    Pretty sure that didn't make sense.

  8. You always have the best shoes! I need to check our your site :) xo

  9. love love love this look!

  10. Love! I'm following you.

    Fashion Nostalgia

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