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Even though it is really painful to get to Upper East Side from where I live (downtown west), I love love walking around UES and the central park area. Beautiful brown stones, gorgeous boutiques, clean streets, holiday shoppers and tourists.. This is the quintessential New York experience that I always dreamed of before I moved here about four years ago. I guess I watched too much of the Sex and the City ;)  Last Saturday, as an excuse to pick up my bridal gown, we got to enjoy a hint of Spring in the Central park and did harmless window shopping :D

(Jessica Simpson hat, MISSPOUTY wool cape coat, American Apparel leggings, Guess by Marchiano boots, Balenciaga first classic)

 In front of a cute lamppost!

Do you remember I did a dedicated post of Giuseppe Zanotti's S/S 2011 collection? We randomly found his boutique and I was drooling over the chiffon bow sandals... :'(

 My fish face over the untouchable..

 Couple look!!

 You don't get to see this often in NYC. So serene..

EXTRA - Scott is working on his Korean with Rossetta Stone and it is just the cutest thing to watch! He says things like "a boy drinks water" or "a girl eats rice." Isn't it funny????!?!


  1. I love you cape and bag!
    cute photos.


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  3. We have the same Balenciaga purse, I have it in black! The photos are gorgeous xo

  4. Gorgeous! Love your cape, you always look beautiful in any outfit :)


  5. hahaha great post!


  6. so lovely photos! your dog is so cute <3


  7. Love the cape and the hat and the dog is adorable! Great post!! Follow each other?


  8. Beautiful cape! I was hoping to get one this winter, but I couldn't find the right one. Hopefully next winter is more successful.

    You're pouty face is priceless!! I can't walk down Madison Avenue without becoming a whiny brat about why I can't afford this or that.

  9. Loving your outfit in this post! I really want one of those hats too.

    This is how I dream of New York, nice to see it's not just a dream and I hope to get there one day :)

  10. love your look!!! The outfit rocks! I also love your blogg soo I'm totally following you hope you can do the same! xoxo asiahlynn

  11. those are some fabulous boots! love the lamppost!


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