A surprise wedding gift I received this morning via UPS. 
I've been obsessed with these shoes and even made a dedicated post of Giuseppe Zanotti. Remember?

I had to hold my breath when I opened the box with full of anticipation and thrill. They are far beyond my expectation and truly divine. Its chiffon bows and rose gold heels.. so delicate and romantic. On top of that, they are fairly comfortable even without the platforms and fit perfect! 
Can't find a better way to blow away all the stress from wedding planing :D 


  1. Amazing heels!! Love them <3


  2. omg I just died a little xD these are so BEAUTIFUL! enjoy them - they're amazing! ;)

    - Sharlotte

  3. God, they're FABULOUS! Love, love them!


  4. Beautiful! x

  5. oh my god....I love them!!

  6. Ugh they're SO GORGEOUS!! I think part of me just floated to heaven :) What a generous wedding gift. Can't wait to see you style them!

  7. DIVINE indeed~
    xo Diana

  8. Simply gorgeous! Wonder what you'll pair it with.

  9. lucky girl! they are so pretty :)


  10. they are soooo beautiful! i am sure you will look gorgeous in them! ♥

  11. Wow those shoes are absolutely gorgeous :)

  12. aww, nice gift! the shoes are soo you! :)

  13. Can be worn sooooo many different ways. Love em!

  14. Those heels are SO dreamy! xo

  15. This shoes is really heavenly!


  16. Those are stunning! <3 Can't wait to see you pairing the shoes with your outfits!


  17. OMG :O nothing else to say


  18. very divine indeed!!

  19. They ARE divine!!

  20. Those shoes are beautiful!!

  21. Sandals are really beautiful, the color and it's style are really fashionble. Hope I had that one. It's cute I like.

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