Falling behind

I cannot believe it's already Friday (again). My last post was about the weekend and here we are expecting another! Can somebody slow down my clock??? Please excuse me for not keeping up with blogging recently. I have tons of pictures not yet been published but simply have no time to sort them out and put together (excuses and excuses). I am sure everything will be back on track once the wedding madness is over.

These pictures were taken last weekend before I went to a Friend's new born baby's 100 day old celebration in Chinatown. It is a really important tradition in many Asian countries. As far as I know, it is because not many babies made through their first one hundred days (due to frequent warfare, malnutrition or poor hygiene) in ancient times. The idea is that once the baby makes through his/her first 100 days, it is likely that the baby will survive so families and friends gather and celebrate!

Haha, that was my brief lecture on Asian cultural tradition :D

(club monaco scarf, tophop shorts, pleated top and platform heels misspouty.com, ysl muse, chloe sunglasses)

It is absolutely beautiful today so I might take Atchie to the park later and gess what? I have my very first dance lesson starting tonight for our wedding dance. I'm the worst dancer you can't ever imagine so hope this helps. Scott and I haven't decided on which song to dance to so I'd really appreciate if you guys can give me some suggestions for the first dance songs. 

Meanwhile don't forget to click HERE to enter my giveaway to win Charlotte Kan's waterfall top and silk shorts. Entries will be closed in two days! Good luck :D


  1. Adorable outfit <3 Love the pleated top! <3


  2. simply chic! love the shades!

    indeed, the 100 days celebration is big in asians. i have one to go to next week! =)

  3. Those shoes are absolutely to die for!

  4. All the way by Celine dion and frank Sinatra is a nice song

    Tricia r www.rhapsodyincream.blogspot.com


  5. absolutely love your shoes! so gorg!



  6. as always you look so good!! and your legs are killer, lucky girl! hmmm good songs....I'm currently loving ellie goulding's "your song" ( it's an elton john cover). Brian adams "when you love someone" shania twain "from this moment" And anything by Michael Buble is always good. Our very last song was "save the last dance for me"

    Can't wait to see how it all turns out. I'm sure you will be a gorgeous bride!

  7. This top is too dreamy. I can imagine styling it with so much.

  8. I N C R E D I B L E


  9. Time is flying by so fast! Lovely photos, so envious of your legs! xo

  10. Beautiful outfit. Love your top. it's so pretty <3

  11. i seriously love this pleated chiffon top x

  12. i love your style! those shows are amazing!
    would love it if you'd take a look at my blog and folow it if you like :)

  13. this outfit is too die for. love the shoes! hope we can follow each other loveloubies.blogspot.com

  14. i can't get over this outfit! your top and shoes create such a perfect outfit!

  15. you have an amazing style!


  16. Hello there, just stumbled onto your blog today! Its AMAZING! May I know what that colour is called (your YSL muse bag)? It is 100% G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.! Somebody please please tell me! :)

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