(Alice and Olivia dress and Jeffrey Campbell wedges)
my favorite weekend moment - having some pina colada and guacamole with extra jalapeno

A beautiful day in the meatpacking.. Wish everyday is like this. 

 a glass of a perfect colored rose and moroccan meatballs, yum!

I have so much to say but it is one of those days that my brain does not seem to function properly. I've been staring at the computer monitor over 20 mins trying to figure out where to start but nothing is coming out :'( My stress level has gone through the roof recently so thank god it's friday!!



  1. This dress is so delicately perfect! I love it and the shoes add a bit of edge. We really enjoy your site.

  2. Love your sunglasses! The food looks delicious :) xo

  3. Aww hope you become stress-free! You seem to be enjoying such nice weather. =) Its suppose to be raining all week here in jersey.

  4. You look so beautiful in this dress!
    Love the look and your Blog. :)

    Kisses from Germany,

    ♥ ♥

  5. loove this post+your look:)
    you have such an inspirational blog:)


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