Weekend fun

As much as I like traveling and eating out, I love staying home and cooking in. In fact, I spend too much time home (sitting in front of computer either working, wedding planning or acting like a couch potato playing with an iPad) So, poor Atchie often gets restless and bored to death. Since we had a perfect New York Spring weather last weekend, I took Atchie out to enjoy the beautiful day with us. It is just too cute to see this little fur-ball gets all excited and sniffing around every corner of the streets.   

Topshop chiffon blouse, Club Monaco cardigan, Misspouty lace maxi skirt, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, Balenciaga first classic 

On Saturday, Scott and I went to another wine tasting at Le Du's hoping to taste some great Burgundy wine which I think perfect for this kind of weather. I'm still a beginner when it comes to tasting wine. Of course, I love love to drink it but I can't tell whether it really tastes like chalk, cat's pee, smoky bacon or pencils. Give me a break, how can wine taste like cat pee?  I've never had cat pee so I don't even know how it tastes like. Though I once had a bottle of wine that did taste like bacon ;p Anyway, I'm skimming through some wine books and drinking way more than I used to (thanks to living with a wino) so hopefully, I'll get better with tasting wines :D

 Love the cobble stone blocks in West Village :D

And, we ended our weekend fun by going on a picnic with Atchie to a park. We got some sushi and clam chowder from Chelsea Market on the way and did nothing but eating, laughing, taking a nap, and watching Atchie playing with other dogs. 

 Atchie loves to eat carrots and grass. She thinks she's a bunny or something.

 Meet her new friend, Revel the French bulldog :D

 Atchie wishes you all happy Spring!!!

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  1. your outfit is lovely, and it looks like the perfect weekend!
    What kind of camera do you use? your pictures are just great
    Forever Chic,

  2. I love it! I just want to shop your closet :)

  3. Loving the color and the lace and ruffle mix! The pooches are also adorable!


  4. you look stunning ! <3 and you have a cute dog :D


  5. Thanks for your sweet comment and following! Your outfit is so lovely, also your blog :) Following girl!

  6. you look so cute and delicate. I love these colors!!!

    come and visit



  7. Gorgeous! I love your top, and lovely photography.



  8. Beautiful outfit! I love the chiffon layers and the little sparkle detail! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog - I appreciate it so much!!


  9. beautiful outfit, so flowy and romantic!
    and your dog is so precious! I love dogs. I'm definitely not a cat person.


  10. Such a beautiful shirt! I love how flowy it is!


    xoxo Uyen

  11. Wine that tastes like pencils sounds so gross. The best alcohol I had was when I was in Germany when I had a taste of sparkling orange champagne. Sooo good :D

  12. So good to see Atchie back in action! So adorable. Love your outfit, and the sushi looks delicious! xo

  13. You look fabulous, so gorgeous and sweet.

    Atchie is such a beauty too. ♥

    The Cat Hag

  14. What a cute dog! I love his name!!!
    And you look fantastic~ lovely photos :)
    xo Diana

  15. Awesome outfit! You look lovely <3 Gorgeous skirt!


  16. The topshop bluse is so pretty, and Atchie is lovely! The last photo is perfect!:D

  17. I love this past, Atchie is sooo cute, what breed is she?

    And you look fab as always :)

  18. You look great! Kiss

  19. such a pretty top!


  20. Stunning outfit! Your top is gorgeous xxx and i love sushi

  21. I love your pictures and I just wanted to say - my sheltie loves carrot too :D - and apple. They are very sweet little shadows to have around.

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