Back to basics

(Little Black Dress and lace clutch both available at, Giuseppe Zanotti bow sandals, Hermes rivale bracelet) 

You can never have enough little black dresses. I’ve been in a back to basics mood recently and just feel like wearing really simple dresses that do not require much assistance. I wore it with Giuseppe Zanotti's bow sandals I love to death and black clutch I am obsessed with and you'll get to see it more often. 

Sorry I was not be able to keep up with blogging and my website since my PC is totally broken down with some viruses.  I have been juggling my Mac pro (which I barely used before so took forever to get used to is again), old pc laptop (not good enough for graphic work but need for my web uploading), portable hard drive and iPad. People often say technological innovation has made our life much easier and more convenient (or at least it is supposed to) but I must disagree to that statement. Whenever I try to do something (either work or travel) I find myself struggling with hundreds of different gadgets and electronics along with sets of different chargers, wires, converters and batteries... Literally, I have 2 full boxful of wires (most of which I never use but cannot through out because of the 'what if I need it someday?' mentality) and it takes me at least a half an hour to go through them and find the right one I need. Hopefully everything gets fixed soon so that I can post many more new pieces that I got for the season. 



  1. def loving your basics xx

  2. I wish I can be as skinny as you :)

  3. definitely winning :)

  4. I found you via Chictopia and having lived in NYC before going to HK, seeing your photos make me miss the city!
    I love all your outfits and the vacations you go on when shooting. The French Connection dress is stunning- I wish I had somewhere to go in that!


  5. The dress fits phenomenally on you! The cut's great!

  6. can you add your wedding pictures here on your blog?

  7. Love the dress, especially the cutout in the back and love it with the shoes!!

  8. Love the shoes, so gorgeous!

  9. eek! the shoes- i love them :)

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