Country chic

 (Marc Jacobs satin bag, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, Tom Ford aviator,  
pleats dress & straw hat both available from

It's sad that the weather in NYC is not as pleasant as in South of France. I'm counting down the days to go out to the Hamptons. My Summer there usually starts from Memorial day weekend and lasts through mid September but this year we had to push it to the beginning of July due to our wedding and trip to Europe. After one more week of putting up with this muggy and humid days in NYC, I'll be finally surrounded by the refreshing greenery, sun-kissed beaches and good bottles of rose. I know even Atchie is looking forward to get out there so that she can run around without a leash and play fetch at the farmer's market until she gets tired out.

This outfit would be great for the weekend in the countryside. So easy and comfortable and love its much feminine pleated skirt. I paired it with the incredibly comfortable Jeffrey Campbell wedges and a dotted corsage straw hat that makes me feel happy by just holding it.



  1. i really love all your feminine looks xx

  2. This is a very breezy outfit! I love! <3

  3. Gorgeous dress I adore the color. Haha you are naming all these wonderful getaways, I can't wait to leave for my getaway.


    Fashion Nostalgia

  4. This is super cute! I loved how you worked in your shoes again to make the whole outfit just work and sparkle.

  5. NYC's weather has been nothing short of disgusting lately. A few days ago, I walked from 42st to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on 81st in the RAIN. Why did I think that was a good idea? :(

    I love your hat too much! I saw a similar one at Saks designed by Eugenia Kim yesterday.

  6. Love your heels as always! Your purse & dress are gorgeous :)

    How different was the weather in NY from South France? I bet South France was nice, warm with breeze!

  7. Really cute outfit and I'm loving the first picture!!

  8. oh the weather has been sucking really bad here in Sweden as well... I hope it get better... Omg u loook ammaazing,,, that skirt is just so gorgeous!

  9. VERY chic!

  10. Love the dress a lot! Adorable outfit <3 X

  11. youre hot!

  12. I really love the first photo- the pleated pink chiffon, straw hat, wedges and sprinkling of foliage really evoke spring/summer!

    Let me know when you're in HK! I'd love to show you around the boutiques and malls here!


  13. look so lovely in this dress!! Also. thank you so much for your sweet comment!!

    I am your newest follower!!


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