Golden rays

 (Misspouty's pink cotton candy romper, Via spiga booties, Balenciage first classic)

These pictures were taken over a month ago when the air was still cool enough to wear my favorite Via Spiga peep toe booties. Love this time of the day when the Sun is showering you with its golden rays. The powder pink romper is one of my earliest collections and it has some sentimental values to me. Love its lace trim detail which make the garment look vintage and dainty.  

All the travelling and wedding planning got me much drained so I've decided to take it easy for another week or so even though a good load of work is awaiting for me. Sigh.. I am not sure whether it is the sweat drenching weather or so called 'post wedding blues' but I feel unusually sentimental and almost melancholy last couple of days. I feel like I'm back in my high school senior year going through its much painful soul searching process all over again. Maybe, I've gotten too much time? Oh well, I'd better get out of this funky mood and get a good grip on myself!! Now browsing some fun continuing classes for the Summer and maybe a cooking class or two :D

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  1. GAW GE OUS!!! Love these shots! The lighting is incredible and that's just the outfit for it! So so pretty!

  2. perfect look! love it :)

  3. Lovely outfit and shoes! Sometimes when I get in one of these moods it helps me a lot to listen to some music, going for a walk and get some work out to get the bad energy away from my body and mind. It helps every time:) Hope you fell better soon.

  4. you look stunning here,with perfect pretty pink romper,and love the way this photos taken ;)

  5. You look so lovely! Great outfit!

  6. These pictures are soooo pretty,love the glow of the sunlight and your romper is so damn cute :)

  7. Lovely dress!!

  8. This romper is stunning. I love the soft feminine color, sheer fabric and sweet girly style!! And your photos are SO pretty! <3shelby

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