Hey, Sailor!

  (cotton tshirt, french stripe top, pink shorts(coming soon) all from misspouty.com, lacoste boat shoes) 

 Sailing lessons were much more fun than I ever expected! We learned so much about basic sailing drills including anatomy of a sailboat, putting up/down the sails and controlling a boat and sailing depending upon how the wind blows.

It was very nice to be out in the water and I really fell in love with the sailboats (they are so beautiful) but discouraged by how expensive they are :'( I went to Manhattan Sailing School in downtown NYC (North Cove) and strongly recommend whoever interested in learning sailing. They offer really affordable weekend crash courses and all the instructors are super friendly, approachable. A full day sailing was always ended with ice cold beers and I'm telling you, the beer could not have tasted better. 
Although I was told to wear more conservative clothes, the weather was on my side (lucky me) and I ended up wearing my fun pink shorts and french stripe top ;D 

At the end of the lessons, I got basis sailing diploma (yeah!) and may take more advanced classes soon. So, I can say I know how to sail a boat (even though I don't know how to drive a car!!!)



  1. super cute xx

  2. Love the shorts.
    By the way, I'm just getting to learn photography and am looking for a new camera. What would you suggest.
    Love your pictures!

  3. You look like you had a lot of fun! love your shorts.

  4. You look adorable. Cutest sailor I've ever seen. Love the pink shorts a lot. And those Lacoste boat shoes... I must go find them right now.


  5. Great shots! Looks like you're having a lot of fun! X


  6. Hey doll! Thanks for visiting my blog and following :) Love this outfit. So nautical!

  7. These are the type of shoes that I like, I think that you can use it in any occasion.

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