No better time than now

 (tommy hilfiger sunglasses, fendi boston bag, hermes bracelet, studed boots as courtesy of wantedshoes, topshop shorts,'s sleeveless top)

I looked at the calendar this morning and felt terrified that we are already half way through this year. Seriously??? Could anybody stop the clock for me please? I've spent some time thinking over what I have achieved this year and what I need/want to do before the year goes by. There are so many things that I've wanted to try but I always successfully manage to come up with a good enough excuse not to do them. It could be because of the school, work, boyfriend, or simply lack of willpower and as I get order, these excuses have piled up like a snowball (more responsibilities and all that jazz).
 But, you know what? This time, it is going to be different. I am much determined and motivated to take initiatives on things that I've put off for years. Who said that there is no better time than right now? If I can't to do it now, I'll never be able to find some time to do in the future.
So, I've decided to work on three learning projects this Summer; drawing, crochet, and machine sewing. How does that sound? These are some of a few things that I've always wanted to try (at the same time, I'm totally awful at) but never got around to do. I've always found myself not so creative so hopefully these project help me finding my inner sleeping creative side of me ;) Who knows what I'll be capable of? So, wish me good luck and I'll keep you posted on how things go :D

What are YOUR summer projects??

Cheers, Sun


  1. great outfit, love your style

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

    Fashion by He

  2. My summer plans are to practice, practice, practice the piano until my fingers drop! And catch up on some book reading.

    Do you know about the Jazz Age Festival held in NYC? It's on August 20th or something. You might want to look it up. I really want to go! You can dress up as a flapper if you want :D

  3. hi! i haven't been to your blog in a while and i see i've missed out on so many lovely posts! you look so beautiful... i have to spend my summer writing music, most likely i will go crazy by the fall and return to new york very much a zombie! congratulations on everything!

  4. Adore the bag and shoes! You look stunning dear! X

  5. I love you blog and so that I never miss a thing, I've subscribed to email notifications AND RSS'ed it on my own blog, you're always amazing, but did you notice the booty situation in the second picture? Maybe it was intentional, but I'd take care of it if I were you! Cheers to you too!!!

  6. lovely bag and those boots are great! My summer projects are to have fun, get as much sun as possible (difficult with a full time job)

    XO Sahra

  7. The bag is awesome. Very chic.

  8. And love your orange bracelet too=)

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