Sailor Moon

 (J Crew stripe dress, LV speedy, Rag&Bone sandals)

Are you getting excited over the weekend? I'm going to take sailing lessons starting later this afternoon and will be a certified sailor soon if things go smoothly (I hope). I am absolutely frightened since I'm a bit afraid of the ocean but guess I should be fine with a little bit of help of a life jacket. 
To be honest with you, I'm always more excited about the outfit than the sport itself ;) A proper attire is always crucial for any sports so I've spent good deal of time browsing some cute sailing outfits online. What I imagined was a cute French striped cotton dress with a little handkerchief around a neck, wedge sandals and oversized sunnies. How cute would that be???? However, to my great disappointment, I'm only allowed to wear a boring polo shirt, shorts and cover myself with a North Face windbreaker... On top of that, I have to get a pair of sunglasses with a neck strap!!! Ugh-

Anyways, wish me luck and hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!!

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  1. Soooo cute! Love the shots with you on the bike and LOVE that striped dress!!

  2. I miss my bike so much...I would have brought it along no matter what if NYC was more bike-friendly, but the sidewalks are so full of people, it's nearly impossible..:(

  3. So cute! I really love the sailor style!

  4. Good luck with your sailing lessons :) I love sailor style clothes, breton tops are a weakness for me!

  5. Lovely dress!!

  6. Aw good luck with the sailing! Sounds scary but exciting! Wonder what its like. Btw, the dress looks simple but super cute! =)

  7. how fun! I've never been sailing before. Good luck!

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