In need of change

Top and hat from J Crew
Miu miu bag

Quick snaps while walking Atchie in the neighborhood last week. It's been about 4 years living in NYC and I think my time with the city has almost come to an end.  I've loved the city where is full of energies and vibes but I can't deal with the smells, crowds, cars, dirty streets and overrated yet under-delivered restaurants. Looking into moving either to Williamsburg or Dumbo for some changes. Hopefully, I could get a better space and quality of life. Nothing is certain but wish to get a new place that has a charming terrace or garden space so that I could grow herbs and flowers. Wish to move to a less crowded but not so empty neighborhood so that Atchie doesn't have to worry about getting stepped on by some careless passerby. As much as I enjoy our view of the Empire State Building and High Line, I am sure I will fall in love with the romantic view of Manhattan from Brooklyn.  



  1. I really love your short pant and miu miu bag. Sophisticated.

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    -Philosophy Coffee

  2. loove the fun pastel colors <3

    XO Sahra

  3. Love that miu miu bag! Change is always good and always seem to find you appreciate cities much more when you leave and then go back to them :) xx

  4. You look beautiful....a change of space is what I need too!!

  5. Hey hun, love this outfit, the colours are amazing. Love the shorts so much, and the Miu Miu bag is divine xx

  6. Darling, I am in love with your outfit... and your cute little dog!

  7. So simple and beautiful! LOVE that hat on you!

    - Mie

  8. I love to wear simple outfits like this sometimes :) I absolutely adore your pup Atchie

  9. Light, airy and gorgeous! The hat is the cherry on top!

  10. OMG! miu miu is lovely! and you look super chic!

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