Be bold

fendi silvana bag
dolce vita boots
chloe sunglasses
topshop necklace

 I like the tropical palette of this dress which reminds me of Paul Gauguin's paintings and makes me want to go off to Tahiti someday.  Perhaps, I would have not tried this kind of bold prints in my early 20's.  Partly because I was living in Korea where people are much more sensitive to certain popular trends (somewhat everybody seems to dress in a very similar way) and you can be neither  too boring nor too much creative if this make sense to you.  The other thing is that this sort of bold prints (including leopard) were not my cup of tea when I was younger.

I've probably mentioned this already but one of the things that I really appreciate about living in NYC is that you can dress whatever and however the hell you want.  The culture here encourages people to express themselves freely and openly and their decisions are much respected. In result, I think my taste has been changed and evolved over time, which I think positive. Not that I don't appreciate Korean fashion (hey, I'm selling clothes from there and I love them all) but I find I get more freedom here, and that allows me to explore things that I have not tried before.  Let me give you a funny example. Whenever I go back to Korea to see my friends and family, they often get both surprised and terrified to see how much I've changed (in terms of fashion). Even my younger sister often tease me saying, "wow, is this how New Yorker dresses like?" She can never leave me alone ;p I mean why I can't wear a see-through camisole under my fur jacket or a pair of leggings without covering my hips? In Korea, this is called a bottom-missing-style when a person wears a tight leggings without covering her hips and it's considered as a big no-no.
What do you think? Isn't this interesting? 



  1. I totally see what you mean! the bottom-missing style is not appreciated where I live either, but mostly because it isn't always aesthetically pleasing to the eye..:) (body shape does matter sometimes, although it is cruel to say so)

    I love how you pair a bold but sweet print with black boots, it's such a contrast but so chic, and so "you!" thanks for sharing :D

  2. I know exactly what you mean. In Korea, conformity is King. Everyone is practically a clone or a fashion copy of another person, starting from jeans to hairstyle. When I was there several years ago, I told the hair stylist to only trim my hair without any sort of styling, but she didn't listen to me and gave me the style that was in trend during that time! I was really irritated. I pretty much stood out from everyone else while I was there.

  3. what a lovely dress!

  4. Such a cute dress! LOVE the ruffles and I agree...BE BOLD!! I'm always pushing the standard at my job and I get lots of stares and compliments because of it and I just LOVE it!!

  5. I adore your dress! Definitely fit for a vacation getaway to a tropical spot.

  6. what a pretty dress :)


  7. I live/study in Australia and I like how people here don't care what you wear or won't give you that "are you mental" look when you walk on the street bare feet.
    Back home it's so different. No just the dressing sense, but attitude as well.
    people fear of being different. or let's just say they like to play safe *shrug*
    lol but I'm not too comfortable wearing leggings without shorts or dress/skirt .. haha

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