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 vintage top, crochet lace skirt, lace clutch and shoes (coming soon) all from

Quick post before my crochet class later in the evening! I finally finished my very first scarf (coral and sage striped) and pretty happy with the result even though Scott teased me that it looked like Doctor Who's scarf :'( Can't wait to start the bikini project soon!!

Happy Monday :D



  1. Love this look, love the classic black and cream combo, the crotchet skirt is gorgeous xx Love the shoes too x

  2. Love your look! The skirt and shoes are fabulous!


  3. Love-love-love crochet this summer, and in general. Your skirt is very beautiful. :)

    BTW, I posted my crochet skirt just yesterday, too. :)

  4. Love your skirt and shoes!!!! Beautiful look.

  5. black and white are just classy!

  6. accidentally stumbled across your blog on google... thought I'd drop you a message letting you know that you have an amazing website and I love your style! :D

  7. Absolutely love this look! The crochet looks great styled with sleek black, and you look beautiful. Great post :)

    Alexandra xo

  8. Such a lovely skirt :) I would love to learn how to crochet! :) xx

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