Going home

Blazer and pleated dress from misspouty.com
Via Spiga peep toe booties
Fendi Silvana

I finally came back from 10 day retreat from the East End and still having a difficulty forcing myself to deal with piles of taxes, emails and orders ahead of me. I took my laptop out there in a hope of making a couple of blog posts and squeezing some work but you know how things go. That just never happened and I didn't even turn on my laptop, not even once. The temperature out there (even here) drops noticeably everyday and I can feel the Autumn is everywhere now. The air is crisp and dry, you can pair a sweater with shorties, and a Summer dress with knee-high boots. It's time for me to go down to the storage room to take out all the Fall/Winter clothes and put away my beloved Summer rompers and bikinis until next season. 

I have two more weekends to go out to the Hamptons and then I will take off to Seoul for 3 weeks with a possible visit to Hong Kong (crossing my fingers!). I don't even remember last time I was in Asia in the Fall. Last time I was in Seoul (February 2010), the city had the heaviest snow storm of the century and I could not even step outside of my parents' house. It should be beautiful this time of the year and I'm extremely excited to see my families and friends. Of course, my favorite part would be trying all the delicious authentic Korean dishes. I spent a lot of my childhood years at my grandparents' country house and thanks to them (my grandparents fed me ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can't possibly imagine) I love eating hard-core Korean food that you might not want to know about, haha. 
I'd better start working on a list of 'MUST-TRY' so that I don't miss a thing while I'm there :D
 Enjoy the beautiful weather!



  1. Very elegant! =) I've been in love with pleated dresses and skirts lately. I need to get one myself.

    Wish I could travel! Did you miss Hurricane Irene? Hope all is well!


  2. love your blog! following =) oh and this dress is amazing with the taupey color and subtle pleating..so pretty!


  3. I am PRAYING that temperatures continue to drop little by little each day. Fall just couldn't come more quickly...I want my tights, leather shoes, and coats back!

    The last time I was in Seoul was summer 2007...and I don't remember much besides mosquito bites :/ Fall is gorgeous there, though, isn't it?

  4. loving the pleated dress! and the heels are amazing!

    i am actually planning my first visit to seoul in october. any tips??? thank you!

  5. This dress is so cute, I love these remixes they just gave me lots of ideas. Love the model's movement, it looks like so much fun to wear! And those first and fourth photos of you are incredibly pretty!

  6. Those shoes are lovely! :) Hope you have a safe trip! :)


  7. I love the dress! So gorgeous on you :)

    crunchy cheese me

  8. You look gorgeous in this outfit! The dress fits you perfectly and I love how you paired it with those lace heels. So chic!


  9. your outfits are amazin'!

  10. i love your blog, and your style!

    great work.

    Which camera do you use ? Your photos are so great


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