Hi there, I'm finally back with the long overdue outfit post. I've been up for the last phase of updating my Summer clothes (I know Summer is almost over but for my Californian and Australian customers) and I just can't stop buying all the cute summer dresses. One of the beauties of blogging and running the internet business is that you can get connected to people from all over the world. It is certainly a great feeling to know that somebody out there on the other side of the country or the globe is reading your writing and sharing your feelings and thoughts. That's what keeps me constantly working on my blog and work so thank you always for taking your time and reading my blog.

I feel extremely motivated these days and planning some new projects that I look forward to. These are not necessarily related to my web store but to give my life some positive/productive energies. I've become really interested in aesthetics of interior design and home decor and have been spending much of my free time browsing around some of the coolest home decor blogs and websites to get some inspiration. That's why I was super excited when I met Martha Stewart last weekend at the gala event. So, I am thinking of making a weekly post dedicated to living/ decor that i'd like to share with you. What do you think? I know this place is more for clothing and fashion but I think fashion and interior design (any types of art in general for that matter) go hand in hand inspiring each other. 

How about you? What is your inspiration in life these days?

Misspouty bow back dress, Rebecca Minkoff bag, J crew hat, Jeffrey Campbell wedges



  1. Nice summer look! Love it!

  2. yes, please include interior design inspirations too! art and fashion definitely goes hand-in-hand, both equally express a part of the intangible within ourselves. looking forward to more posts! cheers!! xx

  3. You are pretty and I love your style ! Plus you live in NY - the best place in the world !!! I am definately following you with google friend connect ! Kisses from Italy

  4. Yes! I think any sort of design simply goes hand in hand - like blogging, photography and fashion ;D. I love interior decor! Looking forward to reading those posts ^_^

  5. cute dress and i love your purse and wedges!! really cute blog! (:

  6. totally agree with you!!! i love fashion and design!! it will be very awesome to see you sharing some cool interior design inspirations!!

  7. awesome outfit and pictures, totally captures the essence of summer! i love your wedges too!
    i agree, fashion and home decor go very well together, as other things. i have been very much into interior design lately as well, i want to redecorate my house so badly! :P

    btw just found your blog and love it! following you now, and your store is great :) hope you'll check out my blog and store if you get the chance! :)

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  8. You look so beautiful <3 I love the wedges the best! so colourful xx

  9. awww...beautiful pictures! love the dress for the summer!cant wait to see some of your interior design inspirations!

  10. What a darling dress!! So soft and feminine, you look gorgeous and these photos are just amazing. I really love your wedges too! I'm not ready for summer to be over either, I'm so enjoying the sweet dresses and airy fabrics still <3shelby

  11. You look great!! kiss

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