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One beautiful day in Williamsburg before heading over to some friends' rooftop bbq party.

I paired a loose fit see-through blouse (available in store now) with the high-waist micro shorties. I don't really feel comfortable wearing outfits that are too tight and short at the same time so I usually try to keep things look balanced by matching contrasting textures or fits. I rarely wear button down blouse but I like this one a lot for its drapey fit and sheer fabric. Also,  much happy with the new black ankle cuff heels even though it takes good five minutes to buckle all up. 

 Thank god it's Friday and the weather is spotless here! Can't wait for my husband to come home so that we could have a glass of beer sitting outside before it gets dark. Wish you all happy autumn weekends :)

chiffon blouse and shorts from, alexis hudson clutch, gunmetal shoes, tom ford sunglasses



  1. Wow, those heels are so sexy! Hope you take some pictures in Korea, especially street style.

  2. really like the combination :) nice clutch :)


  3. im so in love with your blouse, suits you so much ;)

  4. Gorgeous look as usual! x

  5. you look so pretty! :) xxxxx

  6. You're so prettyyyy!!! *o*And I like your style <3 :)

    Followed you through bloglovin! :)

  7. love this look !

  8. I've just seen this post in the "You might also like" links, and the announcent was wrong because I don't like this... I just love it! This outfit is soooo cool!
    I would lost my jaw and/or an eye if I ever see you like that in the street.

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