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Prada saffiano lux tote 
Christian Louboutin miss chacha pumps

I can give you at least ten good reasons why I love leggings so much. They are so comfortable, go with anything and everything, keep you warm and active, and make your legs longer and fitter. Even though I already have a great selection of leggings in my closet, I could not resist these with such cool lamé striped details. They are unique and edge but not as shiny as the full lamé leggings (my husband tease me that I look like Catwoman whenever I wear them). I wore them with the silky drapy blazer and Christian Louboutin blue pumps for a day look but I think they would look even better for a night on the town.  All I need is some fabulous fur coat to throw on.



  1. Love those leggings! <3

  2. Adore this outfit! Love the outerwear and leggings <3 x

  3. I Love your model´s
    You enter in my blog if you like , you are my members.

  4. the blazer looks very chic!

  5. These leggings look great!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  6. that´s an awesome leggings! love the drapy blazer :)

  7. hey this is the firts time that i see your blog and i love it!, i have to ask you what is the type of camara that you use? please tell me!!

  8. Those are some stylish and unique leggings. I have never seen a style like that before. My girlfriend loves leggings and is always wearing them. She says they are comfortable but can go with any kind out outfit she wants.

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