Home sweet home

J Crew sweater 
Fendi Silvana bag 
Dolce Vita boots

I was so jet lagged last couple of days (spent the entire Columbus day weekend in the bedroom) and finally getting it out of my system. As much as I enjoyed Seoul and Hong Kong, feels so good to be back home in NYC. Even though I often complain how awful it is to be living in Manhattan, NYC is still one of my favorite cities in the world and honestly I can't imagine myself living anywhere else but here for now. 

These pictures were taken in Brooklyn before I went off to Asia. It is one of the looks I personally like for this time of the year when the weather is rather warm during the day and get chilly in the morning and night. Love the J Crew cable sweater with a cute button detail. I wore it with the double layer flare skirt and cowboy ankle boots to give it a bit of school-girl-wannabe look.



  1. love how it looks like you have wings in pictures 2 and 3 :)


  2. I love the contrast of the cowboy boots to how sweet the rest of the outfit looks; the skirt looks like it could be kind of fun to twirl in. Hope your jet lag quickly disappears!

  3. I really really like this outfit. It really is a great solution for when the weather is being bipolar!

  4. adorable!


  5. love your sweater :)


  6. those boots are fierce!

  7. wow!love this look! great !

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