I ♥ Poncho

 h&m poncho
steve madden wedge bootie
fendi silvana bag
ray ban aviator

 This ethnic print poncho I got from h&m without much expectation turned out to be the best closet addition in this season. Whether to walk Atchie in the morning or to go out at night with friends, all I need is to throw this poncho on top of whatever I'm wearing and I'm good to go. It is so light that I can just roll it up and dump it in my purse whenever I don't want it. And, it is big enough to serve as a perfect blanket during the cocktail time at an outdoor roof top bar. One of my good childhood friends and her husband visited from Montreal last weekend and this poncho kept me warm during our long stroll all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. 



  1. Awesome outfit!

    Love your shoes and sweater!


  2. Oh my gosh, I really love your poncho and new hair style! Cute!!

  3. oh I love ponchos, so practical and stylish! I love the one that you are wearing, but I love your sweater even more =)

  4. Lovely shape and colour to the purse (: Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

  5. I love them too <3 They're cute! Love your outfit! x


  6. The poncho is great but that sweater is FANTASTIC!!! Love the slouchy fit, the oatmeal color and the blue running across it! Love the sunspecs as well!!


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  7. You look wonderful, as always!
    Hugs from Italy


  8. This is a greattt outfit <3 you're very pretty!


  9. Hey beautiful!

    I love the H&M poncho! You look amazing in it! :)
    I really love your new hairstyle, no matter if you let it down or tie it up, you still look gorgeous!
    Stay chic and take care! :)

    Yours Sincerely,

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