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As you might have noticed already, English is not my first language and I often make mistakes even after living in America over 4 years now, sigh.  My husband kindly offers me to proofread my blog entries so that he could correct my spelling mistakes and grammatical errors but I just don't feel comfortable him reading them. It feels as if he's going through my secret diary or something. Oh well, he'd probably say, "you publish them online and I read it anyway!" He's right but I just don't like it so sue me. He called me up this morning from work asking what the heck happy virus (the title of my last blog entry) is. He was like, "oh honey, a virus is something that cause disease!" Oopsy daisy, I know what virus means! There is a Korean song called Happy Virus which I used to listen to and I thought the idea of the it was cool (spreading happiness or getting somebody caught with happy feelings).  In fact, it is a relatively common phrase in Korea but I guess it is a Konglish (Korean style English) phrase. Oh dear, how embarrassing! Anyway, I just wanted to share my lame excuses and kindly ask you to be understanding if you ever see me making silly mistakes like this.
By the way, I have a fully committed bang now. It feels so weird because I haven't had one ever since my college freshmen year. I went to get my hair trimmed and got it impulsively but so far I kind of like it. What do you think???



  1. Aw, your hair is super cute! Did you perm it as well? I'm thinking about getting waves for my hair... No worries about the phrase "happy virus" - I totally understood ;)

  2. your hair is cute! I usually have bangs at a length where i can push them to the side or they can be a full front fringe (just a little bit long) but lately I've grown them out just for convenience. I don't like fighting with my hair every morning haha

  3. I didnt think Happy Virus was that odd of a title. Your english is quite good! Blogging will only make it better as you use it more and more often :)

  4. adorable! I love your new hair :)

  5. Like your new hair cut! Looks very refreshing and cute on u.

  6. Hey beautiful!

    Firstly, I think the title "Happy virus" is simple yet creative.
    Secondly, I think your new hair style suit your personally. Demure and elegant, adding a tint of playfulness in your style.
    Last but not least, you look gorgeous in your outfit! Actually, in all of your outfit post!
    I'm going to follow you, I just couldn't help but to read all your past post as well. :)

    Yours Sincerely,

  7. Your last title wasn't odd at all! I quite like your new hairstyle and the jacket is so interesting to look at (:

  8. I love your new hairstyle! <3

  9. You're so pretty with that new hairstyle! Gorgeous outfit, as always <3 x

  10. Loving the hair, especially the bangs! Loving the outfit too! That cardigan with the fur is PERFECTION!!

    Come enter my Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway!

  11. very lovely look, and your hair is gorgeous ;)

  12. i was thinking of cutting my bangs too.. you look so cute with a fringe! and i think your english is really good :)

  13. I'm loving the print of your dress and how you paired it with dark leggings!

    Just wanted to let you know that I made you Outfit of the Week on my blog! Keep up the great style :)

  14. your hair looks fantastic! but don't you always look good with or without bangs? i like your idea of a happy virus spreading sunshine around the world. your vest with that outfit is perfection.

  15. aww how cute!!!

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