Pumpkin Pie

Faux leopard clutch from nastygal.com
Steve Madden ankle boots

My outfit a couple of days ago on the High Line.  Even though I live right by it, I don't get on the High Line as often as I wish.  It is one of those things you take it for granted when it is within your reach and the other reason is because it does not allow dogs YET (hopefully someday).  What a shame! Atchie would've loved it up there..  It was one of the beautiful Fall days so we decided to enjoy the park before the weather gets too cold.  I know it's a silly thing to say but I always get really fascinated by how the leaves turn the most beautiful hues of orange, cranberry and gold colors when the Autumn arrives.  Maybe, I should get back on pressing the fallen leaves in my books like I used to with my mom when I was young.  

Anyways, as I was putting together this post, I realized my outfit mirrors the Autumn colors as well. The blood orange sweater, tan color wool hat, suede ankle boots and leopard fur clutch. 
Don't I remind you a pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner? Haha!
Speaking of which, I should get a pumpkin cupcake from Billy's later tonight :D



  1. your shoes look so good :) very nice fall outfit :)

    by the way i have a little giveaway on my blog right now :)

  2. Wonderful outfit! I love the sweater and the hat!


  3. Oh, I'm in love with your outfit! Great color combination.

  4. i love love love everything about this outfit. So chic.


  5. That jumper looks so warm and comfy, loving your new hair too :) xx

  6. Love that sweater <3 The color is just great.


  7. awesome outfit! :D
    I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  8. red.nude and leopard...FANTASTIC combo!!



  9. The High Line in Chelsea? I really love it there too, even though I don't go often. The green elevators are really cool. Enjoying how comfy and casual your outfit is and then how the heels add height.

  10. Looking adorable as usual! Great outfit <3 Love the colours! x


  11. Beautiful. x hivenn

  12. I just LOVE your sweater:) it's perfect!
    wonderful pictures, you are so beautiful ♥

  13. you have such a lovely blog with pretty outfit pictures! and that's an amazing sweater. oh and haha i also pressed the fallen leaves in my books when I was younger, good times :D

  14. Hey beautiful!

    I love your entire outfit, especially your orange sweater! I wish I can have your looks!
    You never fail to keep me inspire! :)

    Stay chic and take care!

    Yours Sincerely,

  15. Me encanta este Outfit, me encanta tu blog un saludo

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