Seoul & Hong Kong photo diary

Some random pictures from Seoul and Hong Kong.  I got lazy and took a break from work and photography in this trip so there aren't many to share with you :'(  I brought two suitcaseful of  Fall jackets and sweaters expecting to be chilly in Seoul, but it was unusually hot for the season and had to live with a few Summer clothes that were stuck in my suitcase from the last trip.  After spent two weeks with my parents in Korea, Scott joined us in Seoul for a week for our mini wedding #2 and we took off to Hong Kong for a few days. We had an amazing time catching up with all my families and friends, eating lots and lots of good Asian food, and  just wandering around the cites day and night. Now, we are back to New York City with a good dosage of Asia for another year or so. This year has been crazy with traveling so we might take it easy for the rest of the year and I promise I'll focus on updating new Fall items on my store ;p 

view of the city from Park Hyatt Seoul

After dinner, my friends came over to our hotel room for more partying and drinking games. I swear we could've shoot for Hang Over Part 3 in Seoul, haha.

Yes, another round of wedding photoshoot

Such dramatic view of Hong Kong

after relaxing massage and spa @ Mandarin Oriental Landmark

dinner @ Island Tang 
loved its 1930s art deco Shanghai ambiance

enjoying the view of HK with a cup of jasmine tea

dinner @ Zuma

fireworks celebrating Chinese national day

 HK cabs are so cute!

last day in Hong Kong 

This H&M poncho kept me cozy and warm during the long flights to and from Asia.


  1. I was just in HK this summer, your pictures make me miss it!

  2. I want to go to Hong Kong so badly! I heard there are amazing bargains there :))) My cousins live there and they get all these counterfeits! One of them gave me her fake Kipling purse and said that I shouldn't carry it to the airport since I might get caught.

    I miss Seoul desperately. I miss the vivaciousness that seems to ring within the city. And I prefer the Seoul metro to the NYC MTA.

  3. Can you please tell where did you get the black strappy sandals from?

  4. hello, i love your bag! is it the prada saffiano? and did you get it in seoul or hk?

  5. So :))) that you had fun in my home sweet hometown, Hong Kong! Always loved the China Club but have never been to this younger creation Island Tang, which looks great in your picture! Must check it out next year! BTW, I eagerly look forward to the new fall items on your site soon! - V

  6. That poncho is incredible.

  7. Is that H&M poncho in stores RIGHT now? I want it!

  8. oh that photo of the wedding dress in front of the mirror! hangover part 3? ha-ha. :)

  9. Your travelogues are amazing. The pictures are amazing to look at. Live life to the fullest.

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