Gentle rain

wool jacket(will be in store soon) and knit skater skirt -
vintage top
guess by marchiano  sandals
carolina amato fingerless gloves
saffiano lux tote

As I was staring outside though my apt window I realized that I've never been on the High Line when it rains. The fact that Scott and I would be renting out our Chelsea apt and moving to Brooklyn soon (yep, it's really happening now), it suddenly occurred to me how much I like this park and how much I'll be missing it. So, I rushed to get on it before the Sun goes down and it turned out to be my best High Line experience ever. With no crowds, the most incredible palette of fallen leaves, ivy covered brick walls and all the cool architectural landmarks along the way, it is a true oasis in the middle of the city desert. On top of that, you can get a great view of the Hudson and West Chelsea, how cool is it?
I just love it here.

 I'm basically wearing the same outfit from the last post. I just managed to throw on my new favorite wool jacket. I love its minimalist design with contrasting stand collar and welt pockets. I think it was quite a nice art gallery hopping outfit. Not a great choice of shoes for the rainy day like this but at least it looks good in the pictures so no regrets.

Happy Thanksgiving!!



  1. Adorable outfit, I am in love with your heels!

    It rained some Monday, so dreary I just stated in and drank hot chocolate and cleaned :) xo

  2. Nice to see your photographs set back in Chelsea again (but since you're officially moving to Brooklyn, I hope you find nice places to take your outfit photos!) Happy Thanksgiving and stay warm (:

  3. I just love your outfit and the heels are stunning! I hope you have a great thanksgiving with your husband and your lovely dog.

    The Owl Girl

  4. you look stunning!

    love all of the accessories [heels, bag, umbrella]

    so cute!

    <3 VEGA

  5. Your umbrella is so cute! Great outfit and looks good on you.

  6. Hi!!! I didn´t know your blog and i like it so much!!! You have a very nice style!!! This outfit is amazing!! I´m from Spain, and I love NY... I have visited twice and I hope to visit it more!!


  7. I love your outfit! your umbrella is wicked!

    xx Love from London


  9. i adore your shoes and your bag !!

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