Leather or Rubber?

 cropped cape - coming soon (misspouty.com)
oversized snood - coming soon (misspouty.com)
diesel black jeans
rebecca minkoff bag

It's raining outside! That means I can wear my beloved Aigle boots again.  My sister and I found them last February at Jeffrey's and still amazed how beautifully they are made.  When I first saw them in display, I thought they were leather boots and didn't even dare to look at the price tag because that kind of riding boots can be very expensive.  However, as we got closer we noticed that they were made out of rubber not leather.  But then I wondered, how could they look just like the leather ones?  On top of its impeccable design, it also has a beige lining inside that makes the boots look real leather.  How brilliant! As I was struggling whether to purchase them or not ( I already owned Micheal Kors rain boots at the moment), my sister was whispering into my ears how well made they were, how they looked just like the leather ones and so and so forth.  What made the matter worse is the sales clerk came over to me and said they were the last pair in size 6.  Next thing I remember is somehow I convinced myself that this purchase was absolutely necessary and walked out of Jeffrey's with a feeling of triumph.

Even thought it was a bit compulsive, I'm really happy that I got them and get so excited whenever it rains.  One thing though, the more I think about it, my sister tricked me to get the pair so that she could take my old Micheal Kors rain boots..  Oh well, I guess it's a win-win situation here.



  1. Great blog, Love your great styles ! very cute !

  2. I think rubber adds another level of fashion on many levels. Very chic.

  3. gorgeous look love the boots and the umbrella



  4. Ah sneaky sister! Mine does that as well haha. Well, she may have gotten your old ones, but these ones are definitely a good trade-off (: That's so cool that they are rubber but look like leather!

  5. Those boots look stunning!

  6. amazing!!

  7. OMG you`re soooo cute!!!! I love your style, the way you combine the colors!! amazing!! I was looking all your outfits in your older posts.. (sorry my english please!!)

  8. I am wondering if you could tell me what nail polish you are wearing, I think it's fabulous.

  9. Looking great like always Sun, I guess it was a win win situation with your sister, but it was really worth the purchase because this boots are beautiful.

    The Owl Girl

  10. I love how your hair always looks like. can you share some ideas how you take care of the beautiful waves??

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look so much I reblogged it!


    So jealous of the boots and cape! Adorable

  12. just discovered your blog via Liv's blog (http://idlefascination.blogspot.com/), love your style! following you now, you should come check out my blog!

  13. I adore the elegant style of the Aigle Ecuyer and stumbled upon your lovely blog while trying to search for more sizing info on this pair of boots. Could you please tell me what is the calf size of the pair that you have? I think our shoe size is about the same as I wear a 37 European size. Many thanks for your attention. <3 Annekei

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