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This skater knit skirt is newly in my store. What do you think? I wore it to the Kmart shoot in LA and everyone loved it :)

vintage black knit top
american apparal leggings

Nothing is better than staying home with your pooch when it's gloomy and rainy outside. I left her with the dog walker for four days (while I was in LA) so I had to win her back by playing non-stop ball game and hide and seek until we both got utterly exhausted. And, Scott got me a new iPhone 4S as my birthday gift (on top of an exquisite corset from La Perla :p) so I feel like I can play with this all day long and never get bored with it. Even though I've had an iPad2 for a while, it is my very first time using iPhone and this tiny gadget is really something else!! Now I understand why people go so crazy about it. Hehe, do you have any app recommendations for me? 

Here are some pictures from my birthday as well. As I wished, it was the most intimate and romantic birthday dinner I've ever had. Scott cooked for me some delicious homemade pesto pasta (he even made the sauce by himself) with a good bottle of Barbaresco.  And then, we splurged ourselves with some macarons from my friend Dominique's new bakery (he is the former pastry chef at Daniel's) and sparkling apple cider gifted from my friend's couple in Montreal. 
It was just so perfect that I could not ask anything for more.



  1. Looks really comfy!

  2. your home looks so put together and lovely :)

  3. I love the simple outfit! and yours is one! beautiful skirt! love her!

  4. Your place looks so perfect. This skirt is so cute and so is your pupp- looks like Lassie!

    You're so lucky I LOVE La Perla!!

    Fashion Nostalgia

  5. Wow does sound like a perfect day. Love the skirt! Going to check it out on the site.

  6. great look, love your skirt! ;)

  7. Hey beautiful!

    I think the skirt looks lovely! Really sweet and gorgeous! :)
    Your home looks very cosy too!
    Happy Birthday! May you be surrounded by happiness & good health and stay beautiful!

    Yours Sincerely,

  8. I have just known you from chicisimo!!! you're really nice!!!! kisses from spain!!

  9. What a simple/comfortable outfit! I'm not surprised that everyone at the shoot loved your new skirt. ^^ Happy belated birthday, it sounds like it was wonderful and cheers for the iPhone 4s!

  10. You look so cute in that outfit, isn't the iphone the best? For applications I recommend instagram, is the best application that you could ever have for a quick picture editing. I hope you have a lot of fun in LA and in your romantic dinner. Happy belated Birthday Sun!

    The Owl Girl

  11. Aw your dog is beautiful, I hope Riley turns out just as gorgeous :) Hope you had a lovely birthday too :) xx

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