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I've started using Instagram recently (yes, I know I'm a bit slow) and become an avid user without a doubt.  I love their filters that turn any kind of everyday photography to something interesting and artistic.  However, the real fun part is to browse through other users' photography.  It's almost too much to take how many creative and captivating images out there with a simple tap on your iPhone.  I'm sure you guys know it far better than I do but I just wanted to mention how inspirational it has been to me.  Here, I put together some of my Instagram photos to share.  Most of them are just daily snaps and silly images that I don't necessarily find 'blog-worthy'. You can see more @misspouty :D

And these are my top favorite Instagram users whom I'd like to recommend to you as well.

@miwaramone - She knows how to make me hungry all the time :p Love the soft tone and composition of her images. She's got an amazing ability to turn the most mundane object to something beautiful and charming.

@dinah1821 - An interior photographer living in Cyprus. She captures the beautiful interior spaces that I'd love to live in someday. 

@saboskirt - She is already a rock star on Instagram. Love the detail oriented images of the most beautiful clothes and accessories. 

@randaphotographer - She is a brilliant photographer who uses a lot of pastel color and feminine subject which I love love love.

@seouri - A photo diary of the two cute brothers' beautiful lives together. The sanps of the boys are so heart-touching and adorable. I couldn't help myself from saying, "I want them!"

What do you think? Who's your favorite? Please let me know if you know anybody else to share with me :D





  1. The boys look very cute! I like the photo of you and your dog.

  2. Beautiful shots! The boys are so cute! x

  3. Your sixth photograph has a lovely pattern in it– so vibrant and colourful (: Thanks for sharing these users, I'll definitely check them out more. Merry Christmas!

  4. great photos! i'm addicted to instagram too, will have to look up your username now :) Will check out those other ones too..

    Katie x

  5. PS others i like are @timmelideo and alostfeather and natule...

    Katie x

  6. Oh :D
    Beautifull photos :D and these others are great .thx for shearing :D
    I know onw girl , who is great photographer , but she don't have blogg ...
    here are some I really like to visit :


  7. I found your blog at chicisimo and i love it
    Im following u lince now at the blog and bloglovin

  8. your instagram posts are pretty! i love that it instantly makes everything look artsy. my favorite to follow is bagsnob and dogcat32. must have my 2 favorites -- fashion/accessories + cute animals! :)

  9. Beautiful pictures you have there Sun, I really like the ones that you shared from another users, specially the dress with the gold cuffs.

    Nicole D.
    The Owl Girl

  10. Thanks!

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