Party time!

really old fur coat bought in Korea
vintage bow belt with gold chain
carolina amato fingerless wool long gloves
faux leopard clutch from
via spiga lace detail peep toe bootie

This is probably one of my favorite holiday party looks.  I'm wearing a metallic + sequin textured ivory dress and skinny bow belt with drop gold chain.  I really believe ivory/white is usually better to wear than black, especially when you are planning to spend the night in a dark place.  Even though black is a very easy color to make you look dressed up and formal without much efforts, it is not a flattering color for photos.  Ivory and white (even better with a little help of sequins and beads) reflects the light better so it helps to brighten up your face and to stand out at the parties.
Another thing is I'm not brave enough to wonder around the city in my bare legs when it's 30 degrees outside, I usually put at least two pairs of thick opaque black tights and a pair of long gloves in addition.  Naturally, a fur coat to add some extra glam and 4-inch-and-up high heels to survive in a pool of 6-feet-plus-tall models in NYC party scenes :) 
 What about you? Have you planned out what to wear for New Year's eve night?



  1. Gorgeous,from head to toe!All the pieces are to dye for and I love how you've out them together!

  2. I really love your coat, and those booties are great!

  3. Such a lovely dress!

  4. You look stunning as usual! love the shoes!

  5. Oh wow, two pairs of tights; I haven't had to do that yet, but sometimes if it's really cold, I wear a thick pair of texture tights. Love the ivory colour and you're definitely right about the sequins (: Have a great rest of the week!

  6. love your styling, i definitely wouldn't have dared to put something knitted w/ lace and faux fur. looks like i'll keep these combo in mind the next time i'm in need of a fun look. hope you enjoyed the parties!

  7. You look stunning Sun! I love how this outfit is very formal and cute.

    Nicole D.
    The Owl Girl

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