Thank you all for your loving wishes for my upcoming wedding. I've spending too much time organizing everything by myself (keep in mind that my entire family lives in South Korea and the wedding is in France, sigh-). Literally, I'm writing hundreds of emails a day dealing with the tiniest details you can't ever imagine (I mean who cares what color of lace is used to wrap the dinner napkins, right?) It is amazing how much work and attention is required for the logistics of one day event, which I had no idea before.  At this stage, I can't wait everything to be done and just enjoy the beautiful weather in South of France. Sitting by the pool and drinking a nice and chilled glass of rose :D In the meantime, I guess I have to put up with a couple more weeks of chilly and windy days in New York City. April is officially one day away but the mother nature doesn't seem to care much :'(

Regarding the outfit today, I got this beautiful chiffon pleated maxi dress recently and I'm so happy with it. Its length is long enough so that I can even wear it as a strapless dress with a belt. So, hopefully next time when I wear this, I wouldn't need a pair of tights underneath but just a tank top and a pair of fabulous wedge sandals!!
Marc by Marc Jacobs oversized sweater, Via Spiga open toe ankle boots, pleated chiffon maxi skirt by, Chloe sunglasses, Miu Miu large dearskin bag


rustic and vintage reception
 fish tail

 sheer genius - organza and tulle gowns by Vera Wang

romantic dresses by Christos

vintage inspired wedding pictures from Ruffled

59 days to go, nothing is ready......

Wild East

Topshop crochet shorts and a dozen pale pink roses
 The Kate Moss
The weekend went by so fast. I made it to a yoga class, attended Bordeaux wine tasting (after 10 different Bordeaux I totally lost my taste buds), and went to a friend's dinner party. Nothing better than spending time surrounded by good people, foods and a fireplace. And finally, I managed to go to Korean town to get some groceries (oh gosh, I didn't have kimchi for over two weeks and was going crazy!!) This week is going to be busy (I received some adorable clothing samples and can't wait to show them to you!) so let me make this one quick and get back to work :D

I'm wearing 
Topshop poncho, Minnetonka lace up moccasins, patched detail leggings Misspouty (coming soon), and YSL muse!

Date night

Scott and I have been living in West Chelsea for over 2 yrs now but not often do we go to gallery openings. Most gallery openings are on Thursdays and it's hard for us to make it in the 6-8pm window on weekdays. We tend to wait until the weekend. Yesterday, a friend of a friend was having his debut photography exhibition, so I convinced Scott to skip his triathlon training and join me.

And then, we walked around the neighborhood and made a few more visits to other galleries and were amazed by how many people were out in the freezing weather! I totally forgot how fun it is to go to gallery openings and see new art works, interesting-looking people, and free booze (though cheap wine tends to give me a headache)!
 After making 4 stops, we got really hungry so went to a wine&cheese bar while we were waiting for our table at The Red Cat. So, average Thursday evening turned out to be a full date night ;)
 Blackberry should be banned at the dinner table! Ugh :(
  A glass of Moscato d'Asti and bread pudding to end the night
 A big surprise delivery from our favorite Banchet flowers. Love the orchids and roses combination!
By the way, Scott was asking me why I labeled all the brands& designers of my outfit. I told him that's what this blog is about but I don't know. What do you think? Should I name them like other bloggers or you don't care to know?????


Black riding hood

Atchie and I in last February.

You see this is the funny thing about Spring in New York. You never know what to expect. I've seen mist, rain, snow and sleet drift all in last 36 hours but guess what? The sky is now crystal clear blue!! Although the temperature is going to drop down below the 30s at night so get ready!! Luckily, I've just got this new hooded cargo jacket to keep myself warm & dry :D 

Hooded cargo jacket from, Patterson J. Kincaid's cropped striped sweater, YSL muse, Guess by Marciano boots, patched detail leggings coming soon at


Kimono style floral romper and beaded double ring from Topshop, David Yurman's Silver bracelet, Orange clutch by Alexis Hudson, MISSPOUTY jacket 

A  random snap of Reed Seifer’s presentation taken at the Armory show. He stamped “New York is a lot of work” on 1000 real dollar bills. Each bill is signed, numbered and was selling it for $25!!!! Isn't he genius? I found it so amusing and creative! How come I didn't think of this before??? ;)

True, New York is a lot of work but it is still a lot of fun!!

The girl next door

The March weather in New York is so erratic. One day it goes up to the 70s and the next day drops down to 40s.  I was ready to take all my heavy winter jackets and coats down to the basement but the weather forecast says it's going to be snowing later this week. Are you serious??!?!! When will I get to do my photo shoot outside without three layers of leggings on? When will Atchie the doggie get her decent walk in the park? Sigh- I might need to move to LA or somewhere warmer. At least, I'm lucky to have a stem of orange sunflower on my desk and floor-to-ceiling window in my office room to keep me in a cheerful mood!!

Here, I wore
Check Printed Chiffon Shirt Dress now available at MISSPOUTY store, men's TSE cashmere zip up cardigan, AIGLE boots, and LV graffiti speedy.
I don't often wear check prints but I really like this one because of its light chiffon fabric makes a good balance with the heavy print. It is very flowy and drapery! I wore it with my favorite  orange graffiti LV by American artist Stephen Sprouse :D
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