Lost and found

Even though I look happy and smiling and all in the pictures, I had some disastrous and stressful incidents last couple of days. First, my poor Atchie the pup got really sick from her new diet (non-stop bloody diarrhea and vomiting) and had to be taken to a hospital. I felt so bad for her when she even refused to eat her favorite treats and was seriously worried about her condition. Thank god, she feels much better now thanks to the tender loving care from Heart of Chelsea animal hospital.

The real mega blockbuster disaster is yet to come....

It all happened last evening before Scott and I went to our last dance lesson. I was getting ready to go out but could not find my engagement ring. I recalled leaving it on the kitchen counter top while I was doing the dishes but I couldn't remember anything after that. It was right after our housekeeper left so the apt was spotlessly clean but I didn't see the ring anywhere. I started to panic and searched the entire place inch by inch but it was nowhere. I even called the housekeeper to ask whether she might have seen it somewhere but she said no. Our search kept on going but we both began to think it might have gone. We went over all the possibilities (1. somebody could have walked in the apt and stole it 2. accidentally flushed down to drain 3. Atchie ate it from being starved over her sickness) but none of them seemed plausible. I started crying with growing despair and blaming myself for being so careless.

After combing though the whole apt, we decided to go over our garbage bag downstairs even though we knew we'd end up finding nothing but being covered in garbage. Luckily, the garbage from the building was not picked up yet. Here, we started rummaging it though in the rain. I took out everything one by one (all sorts of nasty things were in there, yuk!) while we were telling ourselves that it'd be a miracle if we found anything in here.
But then, guess what happened?? WE FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was in the middle of left over coffee grains and food garbage. Covered in shit, I miraculously found my engagement ring in a pile of garbage.

The minute I found the ring, Scott started screaming on top of his lungs with relief/anger/joy and I could not help crying out loud with my garbage covered hands. It was just too much to handle. I still don't know how it got in there and we even found it. I was convinced that it was long gone..
Anyway, I can't describe how much I am glad/relived and happy to have it back on my finger. I'll never ever ever take it off again.

After all the dramas, the wedding goes on as planned and I'm leaving for France on Saturday!!

I'll do my best to keep you posted and I guess Yumi Kim's giveaway will be on when I get back to NY. Thank you all for wishing me a happy wedding :D 


A surprise wedding gift I received this morning via UPS. 
I've been obsessed with these shoes and even made a dedicated post of Giuseppe Zanotti. Remember?

I had to hold my breath when I opened the box with full of anticipation and thrill. They are far beyond my expectation and truly divine. Its chiffon bows and rose gold heels.. so delicate and romantic. On top of that, they are fairly comfortable even without the platforms and fit perfect! 
Can't find a better way to blow away all the stress from wedding planing :D 


(Alice and Olivia dress and Jeffrey Campbell wedges)
my favorite weekend moment - having some pina colada and guacamole with extra jalapeno

A beautiful day in the meatpacking.. Wish everyday is like this. 

 a glass of a perfect colored rose and moroccan meatballs, yum!

I have so much to say but it is one of those days that my brain does not seem to function properly. I've been staring at the computer monitor over 20 mins trying to figure out where to start but nothing is coming out :'( My stress level has gone through the roof recently so thank god it's friday!!


More from Miami (& giveaway winner announcement)

Here are some more pictures from Miami that I forgot to post.
 (Coral chiffon dress bought in Korea, Michael by Michael Kors nude heels, Alexis Hudson Mia Clutch)

Dinner at Cecconi's
It liked its romantic ambiance and the lobster pasta was priceless!

I'm so stuffed, darling!

Err, I really wanted to go out (what's the point of not partying in Miami?) but we had to go to bed early since we were supposed to wake up at 5 30 am following day for Scott's race.

 The beach is really beautiful when sunrises. Scott finished his 1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run :D

 Post race brunch at the Betsy hotel. It is such a charming, the cutest boutique hotel I've ever seen in Miami. I'd love to stay here next time :D

(Juicy Couture LBD, hat from Urban Outfitters)

  Here are the winners of Charlotte Kan giveaway!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Waterfall top - Melanie P  melaniexp@gmail.com
Silk shorts - Monika Taylor  mtaylorsva@aol.com 

Please FB message or email me (sunyoung@misspouty.com) with your shipping address please :D

Another giveaway of these two beautiful garments will be announced shortly so stay tuned!


(dusty rose jacket and black maxi dress from misspouty.com, wooden sandal by FRYE, Chloe sunglasses,  bracelets by Hermes and David Yurman, Balenciaga first classic)

This black cotton maxi dress really serves its purpose in every possible occasion and has quickly become my one and only daily uniform. I slept in all weekend, wore it to walk Atchie in the morning, I cleaned up the entire apt in it and finally I just threw a dusty rose color cropped jacket over and I was ready to have a lunch with some friends in the neighborhood.

Another beautiful day in NY. Currently working on some DIY projects for my wedding while listening to Frank Sinatra's love classics. Another dance lesson is scheduled later on so I might have a glass of rose or two before I head out to the studio (which will help me to loosen up)! Thank you all for participating Charlotte Kan's Giveaway and I will announce the winners soon!!  


Falling behind

I cannot believe it's already Friday (again). My last post was about the weekend and here we are expecting another! Can somebody slow down my clock??? Please excuse me for not keeping up with blogging recently. I have tons of pictures not yet been published but simply have no time to sort them out and put together (excuses and excuses). I am sure everything will be back on track once the wedding madness is over.

These pictures were taken last weekend before I went to a Friend's new born baby's 100 day old celebration in Chinatown. It is a really important tradition in many Asian countries. As far as I know, it is because not many babies made through their first one hundred days (due to frequent warfare, malnutrition or poor hygiene) in ancient times. The idea is that once the baby makes through his/her first 100 days, it is likely that the baby will survive so families and friends gather and celebrate!

Haha, that was my brief lecture on Asian cultural tradition :D

(club monaco scarf, tophop shorts, pleated top and platform heels misspouty.com, ysl muse, chloe sunglasses)

It is absolutely beautiful today so I might take Atchie to the park later and gess what? I have my very first dance lesson starting tonight for our wedding dance. I'm the worst dancer you can't ever imagine so hope this helps. Scott and I haven't decided on which song to dance to so I'd really appreciate if you guys can give me some suggestions for the first dance songs. 

Meanwhile don't forget to click HERE to enter my giveaway to win Charlotte Kan's waterfall top and silk shorts. Entries will be closed in two days! Good luck :D

Weekend fun

As much as I like traveling and eating out, I love staying home and cooking in. In fact, I spend too much time home (sitting in front of computer either working, wedding planning or acting like a couch potato playing with an iPad) So, poor Atchie often gets restless and bored to death. Since we had a perfect New York Spring weather last weekend, I took Atchie out to enjoy the beautiful day with us. It is just too cute to see this little fur-ball gets all excited and sniffing around every corner of the streets.   

Topshop chiffon blouse, Club Monaco cardigan, Misspouty lace maxi skirt, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, Balenciaga first classic 

On Saturday, Scott and I went to another wine tasting at Le Du's hoping to taste some great Burgundy wine which I think perfect for this kind of weather. I'm still a beginner when it comes to tasting wine. Of course, I love love to drink it but I can't tell whether it really tastes like chalk, cat's pee, smoky bacon or pencils. Give me a break, how can wine taste like cat pee?  I've never had cat pee so I don't even know how it tastes like. Though I once had a bottle of wine that did taste like bacon ;p Anyway, I'm skimming through some wine books and drinking way more than I used to (thanks to living with a wino) so hopefully, I'll get better with tasting wines :D

 Love the cobble stone blocks in West Village :D

And, we ended our weekend fun by going on a picnic with Atchie to a park. We got some sushi and clam chowder from Chelsea Market on the way and did nothing but eating, laughing, taking a nap, and watching Atchie playing with other dogs. 

 Atchie loves to eat carrots and grass. She thinks she's a bunny or something.

 Meet her new friend, Revel the French bulldog :D

 Atchie wishes you all happy Spring!!!

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