(Giuseppe Zanotti chiffon bow sandals, pink dress & lace clutch from

Things I can't ever refuse: ruffles, bows and laces.
I wore those Zanottis up to the High Line the other day and my left heel fell on sidewalk and left a massive scratch on its rose gold plated heel.. What was I thinking? Truly heartbreaking :'(
I think New York is probably one of the worst places for  your shoe health.  

Thank god it is already Thursday and we are expecting a long weekend here. I'll be out in the Hamptons with some of my good friends over to join me. We are going to stock up a refrigerator with a lot of french lemonade, inexpensive rose wine, fresh  local fruits and dairies. Having barbecue at sunset and going to see a firework on the beach celebrating the 4th of July will be so much fun! Nothing is better than spending a weekend with good food/wine and people you enjoy in the countryside. Finally, I can get some time off to work on my drawing projects sitting by the porch and Atchie the puppy will keep me a company. 

Cheers, Sun

P.S my wedding photographer promise me to deliver the pictures by this Sunday. Would you like see the pictures? ;D

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No better time than now

 (tommy hilfiger sunglasses, fendi boston bag, hermes bracelet, studed boots as courtesy of wantedshoes, topshop shorts,'s sleeveless top)

I looked at the calendar this morning and felt terrified that we are already half way through this year. Seriously??? Could anybody stop the clock for me please? I've spent some time thinking over what I have achieved this year and what I need/want to do before the year goes by. There are so many things that I've wanted to try but I always successfully manage to come up with a good enough excuse not to do them. It could be because of the school, work, boyfriend, or simply lack of willpower and as I get order, these excuses have piled up like a snowball (more responsibilities and all that jazz).
 But, you know what? This time, it is going to be different. I am much determined and motivated to take initiatives on things that I've put off for years. Who said that there is no better time than right now? If I can't to do it now, I'll never be able to find some time to do in the future.
So, I've decided to work on three learning projects this Summer; drawing, crochet, and machine sewing. How does that sound? These are some of a few things that I've always wanted to try (at the same time, I'm totally awful at) but never got around to do. I've always found myself not so creative so hopefully these project help me finding my inner sleeping creative side of me ;) Who knows what I'll be capable of? So, wish me good luck and I'll keep you posted on how things go :D

What are YOUR summer projects??

Cheers, Sun


Do you remember Play & Pose project that I collaborated with a rising Dutch designer, Charlotte Kan? Our project made it on a national Dutch newspaper! How exciting! I rarely get this kind of publicity so I must say I'm very flattered :D 


Hey, Sailor!

  (cotton tshirt, french stripe top, pink shorts(coming soon) all from, lacoste boat shoes) 

 Sailing lessons were much more fun than I ever expected! We learned so much about basic sailing drills including anatomy of a sailboat, putting up/down the sails and controlling a boat and sailing depending upon how the wind blows.

It was very nice to be out in the water and I really fell in love with the sailboats (they are so beautiful) but discouraged by how expensive they are :'( I went to Manhattan Sailing School in downtown NYC (North Cove) and strongly recommend whoever interested in learning sailing. They offer really affordable weekend crash courses and all the instructors are super friendly, approachable. A full day sailing was always ended with ice cold beers and I'm telling you, the beer could not have tasted better. 
Although I was told to wear more conservative clothes, the weather was on my side (lucky me) and I ended up wearing my fun pink shorts and french stripe top ;D 

At the end of the lessons, I got basis sailing diploma (yeah!) and may take more advanced classes soon. So, I can say I know how to sail a boat (even though I don't know how to drive a car!!!)


Country chic

 (Marc Jacobs satin bag, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, Tom Ford aviator,  
pleats dress & straw hat both available from

It's sad that the weather in NYC is not as pleasant as in South of France. I'm counting down the days to go out to the Hamptons. My Summer there usually starts from Memorial day weekend and lasts through mid September but this year we had to push it to the beginning of July due to our wedding and trip to Europe. After one more week of putting up with this muggy and humid days in NYC, I'll be finally surrounded by the refreshing greenery, sun-kissed beaches and good bottles of rose. I know even Atchie is looking forward to get out there so that she can run around without a leash and play fetch at the farmer's market until she gets tired out.

This outfit would be great for the weekend in the countryside. So easy and comfortable and love its much feminine pleated skirt. I paired it with the incredibly comfortable Jeffrey Campbell wedges and a dotted corsage straw hat that makes me feel happy by just holding it.


Back to basics

(Little Black Dress and lace clutch both available at, Giuseppe Zanotti bow sandals, Hermes rivale bracelet) 

You can never have enough little black dresses. I’ve been in a back to basics mood recently and just feel like wearing really simple dresses that do not require much assistance. I wore it with Giuseppe Zanotti's bow sandals I love to death and black clutch I am obsessed with and you'll get to see it more often. 

Sorry I was not be able to keep up with blogging and my website since my PC is totally broken down with some viruses.  I have been juggling my Mac pro (which I barely used before so took forever to get used to is again), old pc laptop (not good enough for graphic work but need for my web uploading), portable hard drive and iPad. People often say technological innovation has made our life much easier and more convenient (or at least it is supposed to) but I must disagree to that statement. Whenever I try to do something (either work or travel) I find myself struggling with hundreds of different gadgets and electronics along with sets of different chargers, wires, converters and batteries... Literally, I have 2 full boxful of wires (most of which I never use but cannot through out because of the 'what if I need it someday?' mentality) and it takes me at least a half an hour to go through them and find the right one I need. Hopefully everything gets fixed soon so that I can post many more new pieces that I got for the season. 


Film Screening

(misspouty Cherry Lane dress, Marc Jacobs bag, Calvin Klein collection satin peep toes)

A Simple outfit for a weekday dinner in the neighborhood. I’ve already gotten so much out of this skater dress but still in love with its 50's style flared fit with contemporary contrasting peach top. This is something I would wear for the first date, that does not look overly done but romantic.  
(misspouty top - in store soon, J Brand destroyed jeans, Rebecca Minkoff clutch, Pour La Victoire sandals)

Last week, I took an advantage of living in NYC where so many cultural events are happening on a daily basis. Got a hold of tickets to a film screening of Carnal Knowledge (1971) at the Lincoln Center. As much as I enjoyed the movie, I liked the directors' talk between Mike Nichols (director of Carnal Knowledge, Working Girl, Closer, and Charlie Wilson's War to name a few) and Jason Reitman who directed Juno and Up in the Air. It was a such great experience!


Sailor Moon

 (J Crew stripe dress, LV speedy, Rag&Bone sandals)

Are you getting excited over the weekend? I'm going to take sailing lessons starting later this afternoon and will be a certified sailor soon if things go smoothly (I hope). I am absolutely frightened since I'm a bit afraid of the ocean but guess I should be fine with a little bit of help of a life jacket. 
To be honest with you, I'm always more excited about the outfit than the sport itself ;) A proper attire is always crucial for any sports so I've spent good deal of time browsing some cute sailing outfits online. What I imagined was a cute French striped cotton dress with a little handkerchief around a neck, wedge sandals and oversized sunnies. How cute would that be???? However, to my great disappointment, I'm only allowed to wear a boring polo shirt, shorts and cover myself with a North Face windbreaker... On top of that, I have to get a pair of sunglasses with a neck strap!!! Ugh-

Anyways, wish me luck and hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!!

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Will be in store tomorrow :D

Photo Diary - Como, Lugano and Milano

I am still waiting for my wedding pictures :'( so I'll go ahead and post some snaps of the rest of the trip first.

Rushing to get some breakfast
(knitted dress bought in korea, club monaco cardigan, fendi boston)
 Loved having breakfast by the lake. 

 By a friend's recommendation, we stayed at the Villa d'Este for the rest of our trip. This is probably one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.

I am a duck whisperer! 
A lot of this..
The weather was not so great during our stay but I kind of liked its misty/drizzling weather (especially when I don't have to walk my dog). Was really fun driving around the lake and stopping by small villages for some good Café Affogato!
 At Harry's Bar. 
(misspouty floral dress, rag &bone jacket, jeffrey campbell wedges, )

Asked the hotel concierge for a low-key good Italian restaurant nearby and we ended up having our best Italian dining moment.

 Got lucky to get a tour of the restaurant's wine cellar after dinner! It is a carefully selected picture of the groom for his 'not-so-well-kept' privacy ;)

Oh well, you see what two glasses of good Montepulciano does to me...
(misspouty tuxedo blazer and dress top, tophop pants, christian louboutin heels, balenciaga bag)

Midnight walk

Live piano by the lake in the evening.

A day trip to Lugano, Switzerland 
(tibi blouse, american apperal shorts, fendi boston bag, frye wooden sandals)

A sunny hot afternoon In Milano :D 
(misspouty dress, miumiu purse)
 Back in Antibes to catch a flight back to NY :'(

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