J crew hat, Forever 21 top, Rag&Bone sandals, Fendi boston bag, Lacoste boat shoes, Tommy Hilfiger sunglassed, Marc by Marc Jacobs bikini

Some pictures in the Hamptons from the last couple of weekends. We finally managed to rent a sailboat and sailed around  the Gardiners bay all by ourselves for the first time. I still get really amused by the fact that we are actually sailing not motoring around. I noticed sailing is not as relaxing as boating since you  have to constantly maneuver the boat by rigging and trimming the sails but it is also much fun to control the boat without any help of a motor. Scott and I are getting really into it and hopefully we get better soon to go out in the ocean someday.

Last weekend, we had some friends over with their two adorable and well-behaving Australian Shepherds. It was almost too cute to watch three herding dogs (Atchie barely meets the standard) running around as a pack at the beach and taking a nap together. We even took the fury ones to go on paddle boarding with us. Too bad we could not bring a camera on the board but it was so much fun to see them sitting on our boards patiently while we were paddling around. 

This weekend, we are determined to go to Sag Harbor to get our favorite coconut cake from Cavaniola's!! And, maybe more paddle boarding with Atchie. 

Have a great weekend y'all :D

Perry St

After Wednesday dinner at Perry St.

I got this dress about two months ago and it's become my new favorite wardrobe addition without a doubt. I've been wearing it every possible occasion and just love the way it wraps around my bodice and drapes down. With its bare and bold print, my favorite is the halter straps that loop through the back (too bad no pictures). I wore it with the scarf shoulder flap bag  from Z Spoke by Zac Posen’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Love its fun print scarf handles with Fanta yellow trim :D  

silk maxi dress - Gryphon New York
scarf shoulder flap bag - Z Spoke by Zac Posen
bracelet - David Yurman


In need of change

Top and hat from J Crew
Miu miu bag

Quick snaps while walking Atchie in the neighborhood last week. It's been about 4 years living in NYC and I think my time with the city has almost come to an end.  I've loved the city where is full of energies and vibes but I can't deal with the smells, crowds, cars, dirty streets and overrated yet under-delivered restaurants. Looking into moving either to Williamsburg or Dumbo for some changes. Hopefully, I could get a better space and quality of life. Nothing is certain but wish to get a new place that has a charming terrace or garden space so that I could grow herbs and flowers. Wish to move to a less crowded but not so empty neighborhood so that Atchie doesn't have to worry about getting stepped on by some careless passerby. As much as I enjoy our view of the Empire State Building and High Line, I am sure I will fall in love with the romantic view of Manhattan from Brooklyn.  


Wedding photo diary

Vera Wang Dinah gown
Giuseppe Zanotti bow sandals

Finally, I manage to put together all my wedding photos.  These images bring me so many beautiful memories of the moment which seemed to go by so fast.  Just like every other bride say, I think I would be able to do much better if only I could do it all over again, haha.  The biggest challenges for me was that I basically planed the event all by myself from New York.  And my families and girl friends were all in Korea so I couldn't get much help :'(  Even though a lot of things didn't go as I planned (forgot to wear a veil, to use photo props, to take group portraits...),  it was a beautiful wedding at the end of the day. Amazing weather in Cote d'Azur, beautiful venues, fantastic photographer, and most importantly our wonderful friends and families flew from all over the places to celebrate with us, which all that counts. Lastly, a special thank you to my fantastic husband who helped me a lot through the process, supported me and understood me when I turned into the Hulk at some point or another. 


Office lady

knee length dress, lace clutch, strap shoes (coming soon) all from misspouty.com 
hermes bracelet, tom ford sunglasses
This dress is one of favorites from my new Summer collection. Love its ruched top, knee length skirt accentuated with empire waistline. I used to dream of working at the office partly because I really wanted to  wear some smart-looking office lady suits and dresses. Something very conservative yet sexy. 
Sounds silly, huh?  Oh well, that wish never came true and here I am working from home still in my pajama from last night ;)

It is unbearably hot in NYC these days and I'm glad I got some new hobbies that allow me a break from my work and full-time housewife duties. My crochet class is going great and now working on my first project that I can't wait to finish already. I'm making a striped cotton scarf with beautiful coral and khaki colored yarns which I'll show you once I finish. As for my drawing lessons, I got really lucky to find an awesome instructor that I have absolutely nothing to complain about. We meet every Thursday (tomorrow, yeah!) to talk about arts, paintings, galleries, and she teaches me how to observe the objects, how to interpret them on my own and transfer them onto canvas. My drawing has got a little better (from hopeless to somewhat recognizable) and really want to keep on working until I feel confidant to share with you and hopefully able to hang my work over the dining table. So, wish me luck!


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