Going home

Blazer and pleated dress from misspouty.com
Via Spiga peep toe booties
Fendi Silvana

I finally came back from 10 day retreat from the East End and still having a difficulty forcing myself to deal with piles of taxes, emails and orders ahead of me. I took my laptop out there in a hope of making a couple of blog posts and squeezing some work but you know how things go. That just never happened and I didn't even turn on my laptop, not even once. The temperature out there (even here) drops noticeably everyday and I can feel the Autumn is everywhere now. The air is crisp and dry, you can pair a sweater with shorties, and a Summer dress with knee-high boots. It's time for me to go down to the storage room to take out all the Fall/Winter clothes and put away my beloved Summer rompers and bikinis until next season. 

I have two more weekends to go out to the Hamptons and then I will take off to Seoul for 3 weeks with a possible visit to Hong Kong (crossing my fingers!). I don't even remember last time I was in Asia in the Fall. Last time I was in Seoul (February 2010), the city had the heaviest snow storm of the century and I could not even step outside of my parents' house. It should be beautiful this time of the year and I'm extremely excited to see my families and friends. Of course, my favorite part would be trying all the delicious authentic Korean dishes. I spent a lot of my childhood years at my grandparents' country house and thanks to them (my grandparents fed me ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can't possibly imagine) I love eating hard-core Korean food that you might not want to know about, haha. 
I'd better start working on a list of 'MUST-TRY' so that I don't miss a thing while I'm there :D
 Enjoy the beautiful weather!


Be bold

fendi silvana bag
dolce vita boots
chloe sunglasses
topshop necklace

 I like the tropical palette of this dress which reminds me of Paul Gauguin's paintings and makes me want to go off to Tahiti someday.  Perhaps, I would have not tried this kind of bold prints in my early 20's.  Partly because I was living in Korea where people are much more sensitive to certain popular trends (somewhat everybody seems to dress in a very similar way) and you can be neither  too boring nor too much creative if this make sense to you.  The other thing is that this sort of bold prints (including leopard) were not my cup of tea when I was younger.

I've probably mentioned this already but one of the things that I really appreciate about living in NYC is that you can dress whatever and however the hell you want.  The culture here encourages people to express themselves freely and openly and their decisions are much respected. In result, I think my taste has been changed and evolved over time, which I think positive. Not that I don't appreciate Korean fashion (hey, I'm selling clothes from there and I love them all) but I find I get more freedom here, and that allows me to explore things that I have not tried before.  Let me give you a funny example. Whenever I go back to Korea to see my friends and family, they often get both surprised and terrified to see how much I've changed (in terms of fashion). Even my younger sister often tease me saying, "wow, is this how New Yorker dresses like?" She can never leave me alone ;p I mean why I can't wear a see-through camisole under my fur jacket or a pair of leggings without covering my hips? In Korea, this is called a bottom-missing-style when a person wears a tight leggings without covering her hips and it's considered as a big no-no.
What do you think? Isn't this interesting? 



Hi there, I'm finally back with the long overdue outfit post. I've been up for the last phase of updating my Summer clothes (I know Summer is almost over but for my Californian and Australian customers) and I just can't stop buying all the cute summer dresses. One of the beauties of blogging and running the internet business is that you can get connected to people from all over the world. It is certainly a great feeling to know that somebody out there on the other side of the country or the globe is reading your writing and sharing your feelings and thoughts. That's what keeps me constantly working on my blog and work so thank you always for taking your time and reading my blog.

I feel extremely motivated these days and planning some new projects that I look forward to. These are not necessarily related to my web store but to give my life some positive/productive energies. I've become really interested in aesthetics of interior design and home decor and have been spending much of my free time browsing around some of the coolest home decor blogs and websites to get some inspiration. That's why I was super excited when I met Martha Stewart last weekend at the gala event. So, I am thinking of making a weekly post dedicated to living/ decor that i'd like to share with you. What do you think? I know this place is more for clothing and fashion but I think fashion and interior design (any types of art in general for that matter) go hand in hand inspiring each other. 

How about you? What is your inspiration in life these days?

Misspouty bow back dress, Rebecca Minkoff bag, J crew hat, Jeffrey Campbell wedges


Summer Gala in East Hampton

At the beautiful Gardiner's estate in East Hampton

Martha Stewart was really sweet and friendly to take a picture with me ;p

This gentleman took some pictures of my shoes (yes, my shoes not me) and later Martha told us that he was the famous photographer, Bill Cunningham from New York Times! So, I took a picture of him as well. I'd be really thrilled if my shoe pictures ever make it to NYT :D

 photo credit to bloomberg, observer

 Mini Patron margarita!

Last Friday, I attended the Guild Hall's annual gala event hosted by Alec Baldwin honoring Martha Stewart and celebrating Richard Prince's exhibition dedicated to Jackson Pollack. I've been to Prince's exhibition, Spiritual America, in Guggenheim a couple of years ago and totally fascinated by his innovative, brilliant and somewhat rebellious works of art presented in various mediums like photographs, paintings, sculptures and collages. This particular exhibition presents his collage works over Pollock's images which I have not seen before. The exhibition lasts until Oct so if you'll be in town, you should stop by and take a look. It's absolutely worth visiting! The preview of the exhibition was followed by cocktails at the amazing Garniner's estate in East Hampton and it was so much fun people watching. 

 I wore Zara top, my new favorite misspouty shorts, Ziuseppe Zanotti's bow sandals, Alexis Hudson clutch, Hermes and David Yurman bracelet

Summer photo diary

I know it's been almost a week since I made the last post. The thing is the Summer heat and humidity just makes it hard to sit in front of the computer (excuses, excuses).  Another thing is I've been going out to the Hamptons every weekend and basically living in my bathing suits and t shirts day and night, so there hasn't been many outfit-post-worthy looks to share with you. Summer is my favorite season by far and feel sad that we are heading towards the last month of it already. It's been so much fun and I'm determined to enjoy every moment of it while it lasts. Finally, I was able to take pictures of Atchie on a paddle board. It is priceless to see her trying to balance on a board and sometimes she just gets slid into the water and shows off her doggie paddling. In the meantime, I got so tanned over sailing and paddle boarding and I'm worried my mom would freak out when she sees me in September (in Asia, pale skin is more appreciated for some reason.) One last thing, I finally finished my first crochet bikini! I'm going to wear them this weekend and can't wait to share it with you. It is not perfect by all means but still wearable so that's a good start I guess :D


He is

the one who brought me into the world, watched out for me, taught me and laughed with me, and has been  the greatest inspiration and influence in my life. I miss you and heart you dearly

This is a picture of me and my dad on the day before my wedding.


Crochet lover

 vintage top, crochet lace skirt, lace clutch and shoes (coming soon) all from misspouty.com

Quick post before my crochet class later in the evening! I finally finished my very first scarf (coral and sage striped) and pretty happy with the result even though Scott teased me that it looked like Doctor Who's scarf :'( Can't wait to start the bikini project soon!!

Happy Monday :D

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