@US Open

misspouty dress, miu miu bag, jeffrey campbell wedges

US Open tennis is now over (sadly) and have to wait another year for the great matches and fun outing in Flushing Meadows. Due to the weather condition, we ended up not going to the quarterfinal match of Federer and Tsonga and I never got to experience the courtside seat that I was looking forward to for weeks:'( Oh well, my bad luck..
Good that at least we went to a day session earlier. I really like going there in the beginning of the tournament when you can enjoy a number of different matches, get to know some interesting new players, and the beautiful weather. Of course, the most fun part is having some snacks with a glass of pinot noir outside of Arther Ashe stadium.


Keep it balanced

One beautiful day in Williamsburg before heading over to some friends' rooftop bbq party.

I paired a loose fit see-through blouse (available in store now) with the high-waist micro shorties. I don't really feel comfortable wearing outfits that are too tight and short at the same time so I usually try to keep things look balanced by matching contrasting textures or fits. I rarely wear button down blouse but I like this one a lot for its drapey fit and sheer fabric. Also,  much happy with the new black ankle cuff heels even though it takes good five minutes to buckle all up. 

 Thank god it's Friday and the weather is spotless here! Can't wait for my husband to come home so that we could have a glass of beer sitting outside before it gets dark. Wish you all happy autumn weekends :)

chiffon blouse and shorts from misspouty.com, alexis hudson clutch, gunmetal shoes, tom ford sunglasses



leopard chiffon dresses and black lace clutch from misspouty.com, tom ford sunglasses, gunmetal heels, vintage jacket

After spending the weekend without electricity and running water (our house was one of the last ones left with the remnants of Irene), I've come to much appreciate tiny little things in my life that I used to take for granted. I feel so grateful for having hot shower, an electronic kettle, refrigerator, stove, and working toilet.  Now back in the city, I feel much relieved to have the convenient way of life back but guess what? Living without all the things you thought you could never live without wasn't so terrible after all.

I'll be taking off to Korea and Hong Kong (yes, it's booked finally!) on next Wednesday and busy doing last minute shopping for relatives and friends. Ugh, who knew that shopping would tire me out? 

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