It's all about the details

Prada saffiano lux tote 
Christian Louboutin miss chacha pumps

I can give you at least ten good reasons why I love leggings so much. They are so comfortable, go with anything and everything, keep you warm and active, and make your legs longer and fitter. Even though I already have a great selection of leggings in my closet, I could not resist these with such cool lamé striped details. They are unique and edge but not as shiny as the full lamé leggings (my husband tease me that I look like Catwoman whenever I wear them). I wore them with the silky drapy blazer and Christian Louboutin blue pumps for a day look but I think they would look even better for a night on the town.  All I need is some fabulous fur coat to throw on.


Pumpkin Pie

Faux leopard clutch from
Steve Madden ankle boots

My outfit a couple of days ago on the High Line.  Even though I live right by it, I don't get on the High Line as often as I wish.  It is one of those things you take it for granted when it is within your reach and the other reason is because it does not allow dogs YET (hopefully someday).  What a shame! Atchie would've loved it up there..  It was one of the beautiful Fall days so we decided to enjoy the park before the weather gets too cold.  I know it's a silly thing to say but I always get really fascinated by how the leaves turn the most beautiful hues of orange, cranberry and gold colors when the Autumn arrives.  Maybe, I should get back on pressing the fallen leaves in my books like I used to with my mom when I was young.  

Anyways, as I was putting together this post, I realized my outfit mirrors the Autumn colors as well. The blood orange sweater, tan color wool hat, suede ankle boots and leopard fur clutch. 
Don't I remind you a pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner? Haha!
Speaking of which, I should get a pumpkin cupcake from Billy's later tonight :D


I ♥ Poncho

 h&m poncho
steve madden wedge bootie
fendi silvana bag
ray ban aviator

 This ethnic print poncho I got from h&m without much expectation turned out to be the best closet addition in this season. Whether to walk Atchie in the morning or to go out at night with friends, all I need is to throw this poncho on top of whatever I'm wearing and I'm good to go. It is so light that I can just roll it up and dump it in my purse whenever I don't want it. And, it is big enough to serve as a perfect blanket during the cocktail time at an outdoor roof top bar. One of my good childhood friends and her husband visited from Montreal last weekend and this poncho kept me warm during our long stroll all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. 


New Hair Style

Steve Madden wedges
Fendi Silvana
Vintage bracelet

As you might have noticed already, English is not my first language and I often make mistakes even after living in America over 4 years now, sigh.  My husband kindly offers me to proofread my blog entries so that he could correct my spelling mistakes and grammatical errors but I just don't feel comfortable him reading them. It feels as if he's going through my secret diary or something. Oh well, he'd probably say, "you publish them online and I read it anyway!" He's right but I just don't like it so sue me. He called me up this morning from work asking what the heck happy virus (the title of my last blog entry) is. He was like, "oh honey, a virus is something that cause disease!" Oopsy daisy, I know what virus means! There is a Korean song called Happy Virus which I used to listen to and I thought the idea of the it was cool (spreading happiness or getting somebody caught with happy feelings).  In fact, it is a relatively common phrase in Korea but I guess it is a Konglish (Korean style English) phrase. Oh dear, how embarrassing! Anyway, I just wanted to share my lame excuses and kindly ask you to be understanding if you ever see me making silly mistakes like this.
By the way, I have a fully committed bang now. It feels so weird because I haven't had one ever since my college freshmen year. I went to get my hair trimmed and got it impulsively but so far I kind of like it. What do you think???


Happy virus

 See by Chloe dress
Steve Madden ankle boots
Vintage belt
Prada Saffiano
Tom Ford sunglasses

Things that make me happy at this moment;

Sweating in the steam room after the yoga class.
Late afternoon when the Sun is low and pumping out rich golden rays.
Cobble stone covered, tree line streets in the village
Bed displays at Hästens
Taupe suede ankle boots with perfect zipper detail.
Early morning walk to get some coffee with my gremlins. 
Fully charged iPad.
Finely chopped vegetables for the stir fry later.
Apartment full of new laundry smells.

Happy Friday :D


Home sweet home

J Crew sweater 
Fendi Silvana bag 
Dolce Vita boots

I was so jet lagged last couple of days (spent the entire Columbus day weekend in the bedroom) and finally getting it out of my system. As much as I enjoyed Seoul and Hong Kong, feels so good to be back home in NYC. Even though I often complain how awful it is to be living in Manhattan, NYC is still one of my favorite cities in the world and honestly I can't imagine myself living anywhere else but here for now. 

These pictures were taken in Brooklyn before I went off to Asia. It is one of the looks I personally like for this time of the year when the weather is rather warm during the day and get chilly in the morning and night. Love the J Crew cable sweater with a cute button detail. I wore it with the double layer flare skirt and cowboy ankle boots to give it a bit of school-girl-wannabe look.


Seoul & Hong Kong photo diary

Some random pictures from Seoul and Hong Kong.  I got lazy and took a break from work and photography in this trip so there aren't many to share with you :'(  I brought two suitcaseful of  Fall jackets and sweaters expecting to be chilly in Seoul, but it was unusually hot for the season and had to live with a few Summer clothes that were stuck in my suitcase from the last trip.  After spent two weeks with my parents in Korea, Scott joined us in Seoul for a week for our mini wedding #2 and we took off to Hong Kong for a few days. We had an amazing time catching up with all my families and friends, eating lots and lots of good Asian food, and  just wandering around the cites day and night. Now, we are back to New York City with a good dosage of Asia for another year or so. This year has been crazy with traveling so we might take it easy for the rest of the year and I promise I'll focus on updating new Fall items on my store ;p 

view of the city from Park Hyatt Seoul

After dinner, my friends came over to our hotel room for more partying and drinking games. I swear we could've shoot for Hang Over Part 3 in Seoul, haha.

Yes, another round of wedding photoshoot

Such dramatic view of Hong Kong

after relaxing massage and spa @ Mandarin Oriental Landmark

dinner @ Island Tang 
loved its 1930s art deco Shanghai ambiance

enjoying the view of HK with a cup of jasmine tea

dinner @ Zuma

fireworks celebrating Chinese national day

 HK cabs are so cute!

last day in Hong Kong 

This H&M poncho kept me cozy and warm during the long flights to and from Asia.
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