Leather or Rubber?

 cropped cape - coming soon (misspouty.com)
oversized snood - coming soon (misspouty.com)
diesel black jeans
rebecca minkoff bag

It's raining outside! That means I can wear my beloved Aigle boots again.  My sister and I found them last February at Jeffrey's and still amazed how beautifully they are made.  When I first saw them in display, I thought they were leather boots and didn't even dare to look at the price tag because that kind of riding boots can be very expensive.  However, as we got closer we noticed that they were made out of rubber not leather.  But then I wondered, how could they look just like the leather ones?  On top of its impeccable design, it also has a beige lining inside that makes the boots look real leather.  How brilliant! As I was struggling whether to purchase them or not ( I already owned Micheal Kors rain boots at the moment), my sister was whispering into my ears how well made they were, how they looked just like the leather ones and so and so forth.  What made the matter worse is the sales clerk came over to me and said they were the last pair in size 6.  Next thing I remember is somehow I convinced myself that this purchase was absolutely necessary and walked out of Jeffrey's with a feeling of triumph.

Even thought it was a bit compulsive, I'm really happy that I got them and get so excited whenever it rains.  One thing though, the more I think about it, my sister tricked me to get the pair so that she could take my old Micheal Kors rain boots..  Oh well, I guess it's a win-win situation here.


Gentle rain

wool jacket(will be in store soon) and knit skater skirt - misspouty.com
vintage top
guess by marchiano  sandals
carolina amato fingerless gloves
saffiano lux tote

As I was staring outside though my apt window I realized that I've never been on the High Line when it rains. The fact that Scott and I would be renting out our Chelsea apt and moving to Brooklyn soon (yep, it's really happening now), it suddenly occurred to me how much I like this park and how much I'll be missing it. So, I rushed to get on it before the Sun goes down and it turned out to be my best High Line experience ever. With no crowds, the most incredible palette of fallen leaves, ivy covered brick walls and all the cool architectural landmarks along the way, it is a true oasis in the middle of the city desert. On top of that, you can get a great view of the Hudson and West Chelsea, how cool is it?
I just love it here.

 I'm basically wearing the same outfit from the last post. I just managed to throw on my new favorite wool jacket. I love its minimalist design with contrasting stand collar and welt pockets. I think it was quite a nice art gallery hopping outfit. Not a great choice of shoes for the rainy day like this but at least it looks good in the pictures so no regrets.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Skin care basics

I often get some emails from my readers asking my skincare routine and the products I use. I've been meaning to make a dedicated vanity post for a long time but only this time I managed to take some pictures of them.

Here are the beauty products that I cannot live without :)

I have a very dry/sensitive skin so my major concern is how to keep my skin hydrated at all times. After switching from one brand to another (like Khiel's, Shisheido, Lancome, and SK-II), my mom introduced me to Sulwhasoo a few years ago and ever since I've been an orthodox fan of Sulwhasoo.

I use their basic line in an order of 
1. deep cleaning oil followed by Khiel's gentle forming cleanser
2. balancing water + serum (I alternate first care serum and brightening serum)
3. facial oil followed by balancing emulsion
4. hydrating cream (during the winter time)

They've been working really good with my skin and I think it'd work for you as well if you have a very dry to somewhat combination skin type. I usually buy them in bulk whenever I go to Korea (it's a little bit cheaper at duty free) but you can also get their products from Bergdorf Goodman Sulwhasoo boutique (available both online and offline store). In fact, a sales person there is really helpful and offers great promotions like a free skincare massage session or some goodies upon your purchase.

As for the makeup, I don't believe in heavy duty one so I rarely use any kind of foundations or powders. What I do is to usually apply this amazing tinted moisturizing balm from Bobbie Brown and cover some trouble spots with a light concealer. This tinted balm is just so great that I can't even count how many of them I consumed over the last 5 years. It is not as heavy as foundation but it evens out skin tone without getting it dry and gives such natural glow. Now, I sound like a Sephora sales person but seriously it's worth every penny.

After applying tinted moisturizing balm, I put some lip products on both my cheeks and lips because I am not fond of powder type blushers. And why bother wasting money on buying lipstick and blush separately? Here are some of my lip stains that I brought with me to LA (as you can see, I'm really into pop pink these days!)

 Jeanne Lanvin perfume
 Only eye palette I own.

Hopefully, this helps many of you who've asked me about my skincare routine :)
Night night!


Impossible task

bow detail knit top from j crew
fendi silvana
via spiga lace peep toe ankle boots

I know it's almost midnight here but thought I'd make one last post before I take off to LA tomorrow morning.  Packing for a trip is always a big challenge for me since I really don't know how to pack light and efficient.  I can't blame Rebbeca Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series.  I mean you never know what you'd feel like wearing, would you?  What if I want to go to the gym at the hotel? (I mean this rarely happens but it's always good to be prepared, no?)  What if I get invited to some cool parties? (I doubt it though.) What if we just want to lounge by the pool?  How about the unpredictable weather these days?  What about the bags and shoes? And, accessories? Oh no, I can't really use the hotel conditioner. They'd get my hair like a broom!  You see? It never ends.  However, the bigger problem here is that I would still find a couple of things I forgot to bring!  Ugh, this 'what if' mentality always makes me stuff so many things in my luggage and end up paying for the overweight bag charges. 

I think I got much better because I couldn't take Scott's complaints over my big fat luggage any longer. Once he pulled his back muscles while he was trying to lift my Rimowa and ever since he gives me this 'you packed it, you deal with it' attitude.  Guys just don't get it, do they?  Oh dear, I've still got a long way to go since I just found myself stuffing six pairs of shoes in my suitcase only for a four day trip.  But seriously, I think I need 'em all :'( 

Do you guys have any secret tips on packing light?


Breakfast at Tiffany's

Zara tulip dress
Tuxedo blazer from misspouty.com
Alexis Hudson orange clutch
Via Spiga lace peep toe booties
Hermes emamel bracelet

I wore this Zara dress several times so far but I don't think I'll ever get sick of wearing it. The combination of its classic bell shape which reminds me of Audrey Hapburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's and the metallic tweed fabric is a pure perfection I think.
Whenever I wear it, I get this silly bubble thoughts that I should be somebody famous and invited to some fancy cocktail parties. The other night, I wore it to a dinner date with Scott at a cute French bistro in Upper East Side and the maître d' couldn't stop telling me how beautiful the dress was and that she hadn't seen anything like this for a long time. Even some of the posh looking ladies who dined next to us leaned over to me and said, "your dress is amazing! who designed it? Oscar de la Renta?" 

 Oh dear, I live for this moment, don't I?
At last, I gave her my shy/innocent smile and replied proudly, "no, it's from Zara."


November 14

Balenciaga First Classic
Steve Madden Ankle Boots

   I just turned 27 years old as of today and I must say adding up one more count to my profile isn't so bad at all. So many wonderful things have happened in the last couple of years in my life and it's been overwhelmingly thrilling. I moved to the Big Apple (from Korea), finished school here, started my own blog and business, had Atchie the priceless furball, and got engaged to the love of my life (seriously, I could write a book about it!) and then the beautiful wedding in South of France. Things couldn't have been more wonderful.

I feel very happy and grateful for everything around me and look forward to many more happy occasions/events in my life in the future. I'm going to celebrate it with Atchie and my husband tonight. Nothing fancy.  Perhaps, we can go for a nice long walk to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend some quite and romantic time over home cooked dinner and then finish Toy Story3 with a bucket of ice cream. One last thing I'm going to do before I go to bed tonight is to call my parents and say thank you for bringing me into such a beautiful world!

Hope you all have a great week!!



Weekend in Montauk

  Blue herringbone coat from misspouty.com (will be in store this week)
fendi silvana bag
forever 21 tartan check shirt dress
steve madden wedge booties
tom ford sunnies

 Scott and I had a couple of matters to take care of in the Hamptons so we decided to drive out and spend the weekend in Montauk before the weather gets too harsh.  I think we picked the perfect weekend for our mini break in the East End. The weather was incredibly beautiful and reminded me how much fun we had last Summer. We hopped around our favorite beaches and Atchie and I couldn't stop jumping up and down with joy of being in the nature again. The crispy fresh air, emerald blue water, pebbly sands, and Atchie running around and dipping her paws in the water was just too cute to bear. Not to mention the deer and turkey spotting. I'm such a pathetic city girl and feel so emotional and moved every time I see fawns (I didn't even know you say fawn to a baby deer up until recently). Aren't they so beautiful? 

After spending some time at the beach, we made visits to some of our favorite local places like Jack's coffee, the Clam bar, and Bostwick's. We did pretty much the same things on the following day (the most delicious egg sandwiches for breakfast, picnic in Napeague Bay, window shopping and lunch in Bridghampton) and came back to the city with full of Thanksgiving spirit.

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