Hotel Williamsburg

Vintage thrifted fur coat
H&M pleated top
Balenciaga first classic
Cotton leggings and Lanvin shoes

As you may know, Scott and I are planning on moving to Brooklyn as soon as we sort things out here in Chelsea.  It's bit frustrating that things take longer than we expected since our hearts are already there :'(  In the meantime, we are trying to drive out there as often as we can to hang out with the friends and to get to know the neighborhood better.  Here are some photos I took the other night while we were checking out the new Hotel Williamsburg.  We went there for after dinner drinks and it was a lot of fun.  I guess the place is still fairly new and there aren't many people around but I like it better that way.  Same reason why we love this part of town so much.  It's fun and entertaining without the intensity and craziness of Manhattan.  I'd love to come back here when Spring comes and they open up the rooftop bar with tri-borough views of NYC.  That should be a lot of fun :)

As for the outfit, I got this vintage fur coat from a thrift shop last weekend and I can't describe how happy I am with this purchase.  It is so fluffy and in such a great condition that you would not believe this is a second hand one.  To be honest, I was never really into vintage shopping before since I don't have patience to go through racks and racks of random things to find one hidden gem.  But now I see how people get so addicted to it.  When you do find one that steals your heart, the joy of victorious shopping is truly priceless. 


Tweed love

Vintage sleeveless knit top
Lanvin ankle boots
Michael Kors gloves 
Bi-color leather clutch courtesy of

 I got this tweed mini skirt (available at store now) last week and I'm absolutely in love with every detail of it.  I am a big fan of tweed fabric (who isn't?) as I own a couple of Chanel-looking jackets but it was never successful finding a good skirt.  When I see one, either its pattern or the design looks a bit too old and conservative.  Well, problem solved here :)  This skirt has an awesome body-hugging fit with mini length which offers more contemporary look and the tartan check pattern is really beautifully done (too bad that you can't really see the details in the photos) with its rough finish and stitched detail.  Here, I wore it with simple black sleeveless top and yes the Lanvin boots but I was also happy wearing it with a relaxed fit sweater and lace-up flat last weekend. 


Lanvin ankle boots

I've been looking for a pair of classic ankle boots forever and my heart almost sank when I finally saw THE ONE from Lanvin Fall 2011 RTW runway show.  With a sculptural silhouette, asymmetric toe shape and dizzy stiletto heel, I think they look not only classy and timeless but fierce and sexy.  What do you think?  After seen me drooling over them for weeks, Scott found me pathetic and got the pair as my Christmas gift. Yeah! Lucky me :D 
I'll post the photos of me wearing them soon!


 Lanvin Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection 
Photo by Yannis Vlamos


Party time!

really old fur coat bought in Korea
vintage bow belt with gold chain
carolina amato fingerless wool long gloves
faux leopard clutch from
via spiga lace detail peep toe bootie

This is probably one of my favorite holiday party looks.  I'm wearing a metallic + sequin textured ivory dress and skinny bow belt with drop gold chain.  I really believe ivory/white is usually better to wear than black, especially when you are planning to spend the night in a dark place.  Even though black is a very easy color to make you look dressed up and formal without much efforts, it is not a flattering color for photos.  Ivory and white (even better with a little help of sequins and beads) reflects the light better so it helps to brighten up your face and to stand out at the parties.
Another thing is I'm not brave enough to wonder around the city in my bare legs when it's 30 degrees outside, I usually put at least two pairs of thick opaque black tights and a pair of long gloves in addition.  Naturally, a fur coat to add some extra glam and 4-inch-and-up high heels to survive in a pool of 6-feet-plus-tall models in NYC party scenes :) 
 What about you? Have you planned out what to wear for New Year's eve night?


Instagram junkie

I've started using Instagram recently (yes, I know I'm a bit slow) and become an avid user without a doubt.  I love their filters that turn any kind of everyday photography to something interesting and artistic.  However, the real fun part is to browse through other users' photography.  It's almost too much to take how many creative and captivating images out there with a simple tap on your iPhone.  I'm sure you guys know it far better than I do but I just wanted to mention how inspirational it has been to me.  Here, I put together some of my Instagram photos to share.  Most of them are just daily snaps and silly images that I don't necessarily find 'blog-worthy'. You can see more @misspouty :D

And these are my top favorite Instagram users whom I'd like to recommend to you as well.

@miwaramone - She knows how to make me hungry all the time :p Love the soft tone and composition of her images. She's got an amazing ability to turn the most mundane object to something beautiful and charming.

@dinah1821 - An interior photographer living in Cyprus. She captures the beautiful interior spaces that I'd love to live in someday. 

@saboskirt - She is already a rock star on Instagram. Love the detail oriented images of the most beautiful clothes and accessories. 

@randaphotographer - She is a brilliant photographer who uses a lot of pastel color and feminine subject which I love love love.

@seouri - A photo diary of the two cute brothers' beautiful lives together. The sanps of the boys are so heart-touching and adorable. I couldn't help myself from saying, "I want them!"

What do you think? Who's your favorite? Please let me know if you know anybody else to share with me :D



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