Barbados Photo Diary - Part Three

More Barbados photos here.  Oh well, looking at the vacation photos is not really a productive thing to do on Monday but I couldn't help myself with the 30 degrees outside.  February is going to be pretty exciting with some new projects and new location for misspouty!  Yes, we are finally moving to Brooklyn in two weeks from now and so thrilled to see what Williamsburg can offer us! New restaurants, bars and vintage stores!!  It feels a bit sentimental to leave Chelsea for many good reasons but the fact that we can always come back to the same apt down the road makes everything seem easy.  Besides, wouldn't I be having so much fun decorating the new apt?? :D 
Happy Monday!   



  1. Love your swimsuits! These pics makes me realize how badly I need a vacation ;p

  2. im so jealous! looks so amazing xx

  3. You're so pretty! Adore your swimsuits <3 X

  4. You look pretty Sun, I love your swimsuits! Can't wait to see your new discoveries in Williamsburg!

    Nicole D.
    The Owl Girl

  5. so pretty outfits

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